Guess The Picture #1 (Answered)

This is something new that i am going to start, i will post a picture of something that is close up, and you guys, can try and guess it! i will then at a random time not too long, not too short. I will post another picture of the same object but at a normal distance so the object is obvious as to what it is. When i add the picture of what it is, the picture will say *Edited* and have the answer, and see if you got it right! Have fun.
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gtp 1 - guess the picture #1 (answered)

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    The thing on a tape roll that cuts the tape.

    Yea! that thingy!
    - 24paperwings November 1, 2013, 10:19 pm
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    The answer will be uploaded tomorrow, along with more guesses!

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