The Graffiti Thread

WASSAPNIN, Im back to post up some of my latest stuff I thought you guys might like...I still haven't had any artist replies in this thread yet...

acid - the graffiti thread

"Acid" for a battle with anoc on mindgem

erbs - the graffiti thread


Frank battle


His name is FRANK

his name is frank character. t-shirt design

eons exchange

eons exchange

so if you want to speak to other artists, would like criticism about your art or are wanting to exchange,battle or bomb with other graffiti artists, visit (although its kind-of dying)

happy burning and remember! biting

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    Hard stuff man, I tried a quite feel times
    this is the best I could do following your tips

    129 1355 juc3adzo20final - the graffiti thread

    • TioArk
    • July 12, 2010, 1:25 pm
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    Okay im going to show you how to start off on your graffiti journey

    so heres my first tutorial:

    1: look at your keyboard.
    image0108 - the graffiti thread

    2: copy out a letter, exactly like it is on your keyboard, in pencil a few times
    image0109 - the graffiti thread

    3: Outlining, go round your pencil outline with a black pen or any dark colour
    image0110 - the graffiti thread

    4: 3D, just under your letter make it look 3D by doing as the picture shows..
    image0111 - the graffiti thread

    5. Colour, pick your colour, pretty simple really
    image0112 - the graffiti thread

    6. Design, using your colour you can easily make your lettering stand out... if you can't think of your own design just use mine
    image0113 - the graffiti thread

    7. Pick out a few letters, for you word (obviously) and use all the things i just showed you to make....
    image0115 - the graffiti thread

    AND THERE WE HAVE IT, graffiti made easy...However, you may want to space your letters closer together to make it look better, in the next tutorial im going to show you add-ons to make your graffiti look more professional

    sorry for poor image quality.

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    Okay so you've done the basic stuff, you've practiced your lettering to max potential, you've studied all the full aspects of your its time to go technical

    so changing your lettering is the second step to mastering graffiti...

    Try "warping" or inverting to change your letter around, maybe to one point.
    image0116 - the graffiti thread

    Now you see i should have done more letters but i cant be arsed now so like it or lump it.

    Now my add-on in this next picture is kinda silly, but its just random and it looks good
    image0117 - the graffiti thread

    most people like to use arrows as add-ons for their lettering like so...
    draw 277941 - the graffiti thread

    Now finishing off my letter with a bold outline & design looks like this:
    image0118 - the graffiti thread

    Now il draw out a few add-ons for people to try and use in their work later...

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    anyway now you have your letters & add-ons done you have your word and stuff, you wanna make your graffiti stand out...

    so heres how to perfect your 3D...

    1. Draw a dot in pencil on the page anywhere you want your 3d to go..
    image0120 - the graffiti thread

    i did it in black pen so you could see it.

    2. with a ruler, make a line from every end point of the letter facing your dot
    image0121 - the graffiti thread

    3. After doing all that it should look like this
    image0122 - the graffiti thread

    4. next, use lines to how thick you want your 3d to be like so
    image0123 - the graffiti thread

    5. normally you would rub out the lines up to your 3d however, i don't have an eraser, so i just coloured it in black
    image0124 - the graffiti thread

    now heres one i did agers ago, may not be the best but still...

    oana - the graffiti thread

    cadad - the graffiti thread

    13745 239297834114 557304114 4317515 3776216 n - the graffiti thread

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    This might be somewhat unrelated, but could you make one saying "Sharenator"? We think that'd be cool!

    • Dawn
    • July 12, 2010, 10:22 pm
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    I thought graffiti was stupid shit... till i saw it on paper at school, fun stuff to draw +3

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    i have that laptop :3 exact same colour and everything and with windows 7 ahahah
    - i'm sad. yes.

    • tmb123
    • July 13, 2010, 1:20 pm
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    Bumpage for newness

    stem - the graffiti thread


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    I've tried to get into graffiti but i'm not good.

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    well il be putting a tutorial up soon on basics and tips on making your art look cool.. its not that hard it just takes practice

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    It's not really the design or color or 3D that i struggle with, it's making the sweet letter designs and arrows and putting those all-together into one.

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    Tbh, you dont have to join it all together to make your graffiti look great, i mean the add-ons do however i have another tutorial il post which will show you what to do

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    DAMN, my tips work wonders ;)

  • 2

    these tutorials are a sweet idea, I'm still shit though haha

  • 2

    yeah i'l get to work now

  • 2

    So much talent unfortunately i am not that gifted, anything involving science and mathematics though give me a shout ;)

  • 2

    If anyone likes it i will upload to the site :)

    • OhNohs
    • July 13, 2010, 8:15 am
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    bro - right on. this is a great post. Im at work and cannot upload shit but have spent my younger days tagging with some amazing artists. In B-More , there are a LOT of talented taggers. Anyways - great post. + 3 and added to favorites.

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    Why have you copied my tittles ?

  • 2

    because they look good, soz dude

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    Well i would upload some stuff but i had to toss most of it due to a police raid at the apartment complex i live at >.<... I'll have to sketch something up and post it here... wanna see how i compare in the sharenator graff crew :P

    • noodle
    • July 13, 2010, 1:42 pm
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    I remember when I was doing graffiti, all kinds of artistic shit. I've been doing other things now, and now I'm going to work on a piece just for this post and get back into my game. I will be back soon!



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    Nah its ok, would of liked to be told but its all ok :D

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    okay well, thanks dude :)

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    they're isn't a crew......................yet

  • 2

    :3 cool story,bro

  • 2

    i thought so ;D

    • tmb123
    • July 14, 2010, 1:53 pm
  • 2

    I was using the term loosely

    • noodle
    • July 14, 2010, 10:17 pm
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    good shit man. you should check out its pretty dope

    • bmayes
    • October 4, 2010, 4:14 pm
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    this is so beautiful its hard to look at it and not vomit

    • DooBuR
    • July 14, 2010, 1:57 pm
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