Gordon Ramsay omelette

Gordon Ramsay 001

You will need:
2 fucking eggs
bc bridge eggs 040 first two eggs

fucking chives
chive1 - gordon ramsay omelette

some fucking salt and pepper
harrison salt and pepper shakers set of two

1 fucking knob of fucking butter
img 5223 - gordon ramsay omelette

You have to:
Heat the fucking butter in a fucking omelette pan.
Fucking break the fucking eggs into a fucking bowl.
Fucking whisk the fuckers and add some fucking salt and fucking pepper to taste.
When the fucking butter is hot, add the fucking mixture to the pan.
When cooked take the fucking thing out.
Eat the fucker.
leek omelet3

  • xdvx
  • November 20, 2013, 10:44 am
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    Be right back. I made my fucking omelet but didn't bring any fucking drinks with me.

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    "to taste" means preference of cook.So am I to fucking taste the egg mixture? Or wait until cooked to add salt and pepper. The proper way is to cook on medium low heat until fucking half cooked and to bring to fucking center to get the bottom fucking almost fully cooked, then fucking flip half onto other fucking half then fucking salt and fucking pepper to fucking taste. fuck.

    • criel
    • November 20, 2013, 10:52 pm
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