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Google has a beta for a music client that is very droid friendly. if you are having trouble syncing music with you're droid phone from your itunes you should check this out. Google has this beta where you can upload all of the music on your computer to their online servers, which allows you to access this library from everywhere. Since it is still in the beta phase, it obviously isn't perfect. I have been using it though and it is very nice. They have an android app to compliment the website "" which has its own music player and everything. It is a very nice set-up. The only downside i have seen so far is that the music is streamed to the computer or device you are on, so fast switching between songs takes a second or two to cache the beginning. Other than that, it is really convenient. You just upload your itunes, then hit sync on the google music account on your phone and magic, you can access the songs.

If you have any questions about the whole set-up let me know. To get the beta email google at using your gmail account and they'll get back to you in a day or two allowing online access.

Also, they have a really cool system that isn't fully functional yet but they allow you to choose songs you want to be able to listen to without needing internet. AKA you download the song to your phone. the app also can access files from your sd card on your phone so streaming isn't necessary.

Happy listening!

Google Music App
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google music beta

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    i can send invitations if anyone would like this

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