GoogleAds has a bad sense of irony

Seriously, I'm reading the 'Cotton vs Bieber' post by gwa2003, and this shit comes up:

jeb - googleads has a bad sense of irony

NO, i don't want to that daft bastard's 'ideal' friggin girl. especially due to the fact I'm male, as are most of this site's members. FUCK OFF GoogleAds. It's even worse when it comes up on a hate thread.

40% of points here go to gwa2003 for the 'Cotton vs Bieber' post

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    fbook - googleads has a bad sense of irony

    You win
    - Bekenel October 13, 2010, 10:49 am
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    LMAO now that is funny. =) and thx for the points.

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    click the link to your post, it comes up every damn time

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    WEWT mine says something about marketing =)

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    i know. unfortunatley, the way google ads work is...

    Advertisers pay google, and tell google where and when they want the ad to be displayed.

    Google Display the advert on "RELEVANT PAGES"*

    Google ads DONT work on random selection, they work on matching adverts with the page content.
    EG. If you are looking at a page about flowers, you should get ads showing Local Florists.

    If you look at a page about food, you could get a restaraunt advert appear.

    And... if you look at a page with the keywords "Justin" and "Bieber", you get this crap.

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