Goodbye sharenator i’ll miss you

so long my fiends I will miss you all forever. some more than others. but here’s lately I’ve been getting a greater and greater feeling that someone is following me on here. I’ve received several emails from anonymous persons. several of which have been very disturbing. I had my friend look into it (he’s very tech savvy) and according to him this person now knows where I live. I tried to ignore it but the person has now gone to far. I am going to take a leave of absence until this matter is resolved. I thank each and everyone of you for making this site what it was and will miss you all dearly. so for my last post here are some videos and pics for you all. last one is my favorite :'( Goodbye friends

unknown - goodbye sharenator i'll miss you

images 1 - goodbye sharenator i'll miss you

images - goodbye sharenator i'll miss you

images 2 - goodbye sharenator i'll miss you

so here’s the deal everyone I’m headed down to florida to get my cousins truck for my brother tomorrow. I won’t be able to to post much on the drive back up so I just thought I’d leave you guys a heads up as to why I’m going to be gone because this could take up to 3-5 days depending on how long we feel like being stuck in the car.

im sorry but it was to good to pass up 😀