Gifs of Black People

Follow up to: Gifs Of White People
Always come prepared

8Bit Carlton

Ass so fat you can see it from the front

booty had me like

Boy I am so sick of everyone assuming Im good at basketball because Im African American

Breaking in the fresh meat in prison

Dat face

Dont mess with Pooh Bear

George of the Jungle

Hes not stupid

How a black teen reacts to a flamethrower

How I felt being white at a Juicy J concert last night

How to catch a white girl

I got this homie

I have a fiveday weekend I tell everyone that Im using it to catch up on a deadline but

Interacting with white people

Lunch Time

Making eyecontact with my friends right after a lovely lady with an even lovelier badonkadonkdonk walked past us

Man gets pound from Usain bolt becomes life long member of rhappy


Me the morning after my roommates get whitegirldrunk and I have to work early


My face as weed decriminalization continues in the US

neck chop licenses grab

nigga started contemplating life after that

Obama at the olympics after Lebron drops a ridiculous tomahawk dunk

One of my all time favorite gifs

Reactions to a magic trick

She asked me if her jeans make her ass look fat

She said she was finally down to fuck

So my man can die happy

The man aint never heard of too much tongue before SFW

The vicious cycle of slap

Upon spotting dat ass

Waking up late and realizing I missed breakfast at grandmas house

Wakin up on a hot day with sticky balls

Walk in to da club

Want some ice cream xpost from rfunny

We roll hard

When a nigga just wont shut up

Whenever there is reporting from the hood

When I catch a brotha checkin out my phat ass

When I hear two white guys calling each other nigga

When I impress my girl

When Im driving with my drank

When im home alone cleaning the house and my jam comes on

When Im starving and the food finally comes

When Im walking and see my reflection in a window

When I only have 20 dollas in my pocket

When I saw a white dude wearing a Confederate flag shirt walk down my street

When I show up to what I thought was a costume party

When I sit down on the toilet at work and the seat is warm

When I spot the hottest woman in the club

When my buddy whines that his GF dumped him

When my paycheck turns out bigger than my brother even though I worked less days

When my white friend misses the bass drop

When niggas wont stop beggin for cake

When someone says something that I was going to say and the entire room breaks out in laughter

When the pizza guy asks for a tip

White girls checkn me out

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  • Darius
  • December 3, 2013, 4:31 am
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    #13 love the way he threw himself into the bushes and #15 shaq's rape face is terrifying.

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    That’s the best you have ever done! fnaf

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