Ghost story

If anyone has a ghost story this is the place to share it.
These two are mine and castlewarsareawesomes storys

This is my story

I swear on all the pandas in the world that the following story is true.
When I was 13 my family moved into this house on razor hill rd. When I first got to the house I knew I didn’t want to be there. The first thing I noticed was wrong with the house was the noises just random knocking when nobody was home. I tried to ignore it, things like this stop for me if I ignore it. The knocking continued I would hear somebody moving around the house. This continued and I learnt to ignore it, but one night I needed to get a pencil out of the front livening room. The front room has a big window across the whole room, this is where I saw him, a civil war soldier wearing a southern uninformed. At first I thought it was a person but then he turned and disappeared.
When I was fourteen I moved into the basement, biggest mistake of my life. All night I could hear boots pacing outside my door, the lights would flicker on and off, and things would be moved. Nobody believed me so I was on my own for awhile. That lasted for a few months until my three year old cousin saw him. Nobody ever told her about the man in my house but one day she went into the basement screamed bloody murder and ran back upstairs refusing to go into the house. I asked her what was wrong and she said a man was in the basement and he disappeared.
I moved into a program shortly after that, I’m still here actually but I will never forget the shit that went down that only me and my young cousin could see.

This one is castlewarsisawsome story

This is why I hate Christmas. my dad had just bought a porsoln doll(it looked like Santa Clause. I was playing on my computer and I was there for about 30 minutes when I turned around it was staring at me I thought nothing of it so I went and washed the dishes when I was done it was looking at me again I was freaked out but I thought someone moved it. I went back and played the game again. I looked behind me and it was staring at me so I turned it around I went back to playing the game I was scared shitless. I turn around and it was staring at me at that time I freaked out grabbed it toke it outside and broke it to pieces.