Genie Joke

There was a man walking along a beach when he suddenly tripped over a lamp. In anger, he kicked the lamp, sending a genie out.

The genie says "Although you kicked me, I will still grant you 3 wishes. However due to your foolishness, whatever you wish for, your boss will get double what you ask for".

The man says "I wish to be extremly wealthy". Sure enough, £4million were in his bank account. However, his boss recieved £8million.

For his second wish, the man wishes for "A sports car". Again, a sports car is in his garage but his boss ends up with 2 sports cars.

The genie says "You now have one last wish. But remember, whatever you wish for, your boss will get double".

The man replies "OK, I wish to donate 1 kidney...."

  • tmb123
  • August 3, 2010, 1:53 am
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