Geeks Guide to Seducing Hordes of Hot Women

geek kiss

So you want to get the woman of your dreams so you could play Halo all day long and hopefully do some other things? You’ll be able to get rid of “the account” that charges your credit card couple hundred bucks a month. Maybe you’ll get to move out of your moms basement with all the money you save.

Alright, I’ll help you. But you have to promise to follow my advice, not just read and do nothing. Otherwise I’ll just be dissapoint… son.

Promise? You do? Great, you made the right decision. Let’s start.

If you’re not delusionally confident you’re missing out

You’re probably a badass at Ruby on rails and PHP but when it comes to women… you’re just a damn pussy. But it’s okay, most men are.

Do you want to know a secret? Women are tired of pussies. They want a confident guy who acts as if he’s a damn rockstar and every womans dream even if he lives in his moms basement and looks like his diet consists of just pizza and birthday cake.

So act like you’re the handsomest, funniest S.o.B the world has ever seen and women will do anything to get in your pants. Be delusionally confident, as if you’re a superhero saving the world one line of code at a time.

You really have to believe that every woman wants you… even if it seems insane it will get you laid.

Looks don’t matter (but shave that awful beard already)

There’s no need to look like Tom Cruise. You can be the ugliest man alive and still attract gorgeous women.

But you do need to groom yourself. Basic hygiene like brushing your teeth, shovering, cutting your fingernails, shaving that awful beard and wearing clean uncrumpled clothes might seem extreme at first, but who knows maybe you’ll get rid of that homeless look you’ve got going right now.

You might want to do the same with your apartment… I mean your moms basement – try vacuuming once in a while and find out where that disgusting smell comes from.

As a geek you probably have a collection of cheap T-shirts that probably don’t even fit you. Do everyone a favor and stop wearing those. Find a preferably female friend who knows a thing or two about fashion and go shopping together. Let her pick out a few good shirts, a pair or two great jeans and at least a pair of really good shoes.

Body language & Talk slowly

Stand tall, shoulders back. Move slowly and with confidence. Don’t fidget as if you’re uncomfortable in your own skin (example: Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory”). Get rid of other nervous ticks like tapping or constantly watching what time it is.

Smile when you approach someone. People will be more receptive if you have a positive vibe. But bare in mind it will seem fake if you keep smiling all the time.

Lean back when talking to women. Leaning in shows too much interest and makes you feel needy. Alpha males are never needy.

Talk slowly… with… pauses. This is absolutely crucial as it shows confidence. Speaking fast means that you don’t consider what you’re saying to be important, or yourself to be important. You can easily talk 2 times slower and you will see how people pay more attention to you. Also try adding a slight rhythm to the way you talk. You will almost hypnotyze people.

Stop pleasing and start teasing

Will she go out with you if you buy her a drink, design her a website or do something else for her? She won’t! Don’t be her therapist and don’t listen to her whining. You’re not her emotional tampon and she has to respect your time.

Instead of trying to please her you should demonstrate that you’re a high status male by teasing her in a humorous way. The objective here isn’t to put her down, but rather to have a little fun at her expense and show that you’re not afraid to piss her off. This will often lead to flirtatious teasing contests between two of you which is fun to her and probably to you too. Just make sure to stop when she stops and opens up to you, I’ve gone overboard with this a few times and looked like I an asshole. If she gets offended just stay calm and say something like: “Sorry, I was enjoying our play-fight and got carried away… Let’s hug and make up.”

Examples of playful teasing, remember to speak slowly and pause at the right moments:

“I like your sunglasses… [pause] …my grandmother has EXACTLY the same ones!”

Sometimes they hit you playfully after you made a joke about them. Then you can say “Hey, stop or I’ll call the cops, you husband-beater.” or classic “Hey, no grabbing. This shi* ain’t for free you know!”

Be the leader, know what you want

Be the leader of men at work and in social situations. When everyone else acts like a bunch of headless chickens you need to take control! Take the matters in your own hands and resolve whatever problems you’re facing. Most of the time all you have to do is say where to go next, what movie to watch etc.

Seek challenges and difficult situations, especially when they could improve your career or leadership skills. You’ll either succeed or learn and be better next time.

Lead women too. Don’t ask them what they want (biggest turn-off ever). They want YOU to be in charge. They want a man who knows what HE wants. Her needs must come always second. Always have a plan for god’s sake. You can even tell her what you want her to do and you’ll be surprised how often she’ll do it.

NB! Btw this applies to the bedroom, grab her, move her around, tell her what you like and want from her. Be dominant.

Meet people & Get social proof

Get out of the house. Seems like common sense. Yet instead of meeting new people your sitting here and reading how to pick up girls. Get out and don’t come back until you’ve interacted with a bunch of people you don’t know.

Meeting people is easier than you think. Just say “Hi” to everyone and you’ll start getting into conversations even without trying. Comment on stuff, ask questions. It’s almost as easy as HTML. Crack a few jokes along the way and you’ll pretty quickly connect with a bunch of people.

Be social, talk to everyone. Make friends with guys and girls. And flirt with all the girls.

Girls will approach YOU if you talk to everyone. Seems weird? Not really. Girls want to meet social guys. When you talk to everyone they will start wondering “Who the hell is this guy? He seems to know everyone.” And you either do know everyone… or you’re confident and cool enough to meet everyone. Either way you rule.

Also what happens when you go to that place again? People will greet you and women will notice that. So just in a few days you’ve practicly become popular in some place – Take that high school!

Have women around you

Alpha males are surrounded by pus… I mean women. Get yourself some female friends, the hotter the better, and you’ll have about 100 times more chances than when out with your single buddies. You don’t have to be sleeping with any of the women, just have fun with them when you go out.

This makes you preselected and shows you’re at least cool enough to have female friends. It will make you the center of attention which high status males always are. Also, women will never admit it… but a little jelousy arouses them. Plus you might just get laid thanks to good ratios. One guy 5 gals? You’re a geek… do the math.

It gets even better. Female friends can help you directly pick up other girls. Guys are horrible wingmen as they have no social awereness, girls on the other hand can read body language and other signals. I mean… you just can’t go wrong.

Get physical or be trapped in the friend zone forever

Start touching her right from the beginning. Slight fairly quick touches on the shoulder or forearm to accentuate a point. Shake hands, do fistbumps (as a reward) when she says something cool, take her by the shoulders and move her out of the way, play thumb wars. Touch guys too so you won’t come off as a player: hand shakes, fistbumps and so on are all normal stuff guys do when they interact.

Why you should start touching her? Well imagine you didn’t and at the end of the night tried to kiss her. This would be kind of awkward, wouldn’t it? Physical contact makes the progression into a kiss much easier for both of you.

Also if you don’t touch her at all she’ll just assume you’re not interested and view you as a friend. Do you want to be friend-zoned? Probably not!

Have other things in your life besides her

Don’t drop everything to see her or talk to her. No one values anything that is too easy to get. I’m not saying play hard to get (well, maybe a little). But really have other stuff in your life besides her (playing computer games doesn’t count, unless you make them).

Have cool hobbies, interesting friends, go to social gatherings. Take up a cool sport (surfing, snowboarding etc), it’s much more fun than to sit in front of a computer the whole day, plus it’s a great excercise which you probably need.

Have goals in your life

A man without goals is a headless chicken and those don’t get laid. Have something that you’re really passionate about and strive to accomplish it. Your dream doesn’t have to be amazingly interesting to everyone, just to you, but bonus points if it is. Don’t take up too much stuff though, you’ll lose focus.

  • You could start a business, preferably automated. You’re a geek, make a Facebook app or something.
  • If you always wanted to be in a band and can play an instrument, start one. Post your videos on Youtube and you’ll have fans in no time.
  • You draw as a hobby? Become an artist. Create at least 5 great paintings. Find a coffee shop and offer to hang your work there. They’ll get free decorations, you might sell something(put price tags on them). Plus you can invite her for a cup of coffee there, but don’t make a big deal about it.
  • Shit tests and bitch shields

    Bitch shields is something beautiful women defend themselves with from guys that constantly approach them. If you break through a bitch shield the girls welcome you to the group and you’ll get higher attraction for not getting phased by it.

    There are three possible reasons for a bitch shield.

  • She could be having a bad day and pour her bad mood out on you.
  • The second reason is that usually when women are even a little sociable with guys that approach them they might have a hard time getting rid of them later on. So it’s easier to get rid of the guy right away.
  • If she’s an alpha female, she wants to weed out all the losers to find herself a real alpha guy.
  • A shit test is exactly what it sounds like: the girl throws insults at you, asks you difficult questions, makes you jump through hoops. The difference between the bitch shield and a shit test is that after a few minutes the shield comes off, while a shit test is usually thrown at you when you already are in the group. This often is good as it means she’s already attracted and wants to see if you are an aplha guy.

    How to break through bitch shields?

  • First of all stay calm, many guys either become aggressive and insult or argue with her or get scared and nervous.
  • Secondly approve of her and the shield. Enjoy the show. Tell her smilingly “Great… Give me more”, “I like firey women like you.” etc etc.
  • [li]Break out of her pattern which goes something like that… “Why are you talking to me?” “Well because you seemed fun” “What do you mean I look fun?” “Well…” Don’t be caught answering her bitchy insensere questions like any other guy would. Get control of this for example “Well… [pauses show you’re confident if you have the right body language] … That is actually a very good question… ” then answer the question.
    Or instead you can give a bizzarre or unexpected answer mixed with personal amusement. “Why are you talking to me?” “That… is a good question… I don’t know why, but you have this weird energy around you. As if you’re the expert on this subject.”[/li]

    Handling shit tests is almost the same thing, most importantly you have to stay calm. The best way to pass this test is to not to take it. If she insults you, don’t react. You can smile as if she’s being a little brat. You can keep talking about what you were talking before or say something totally unrelated.

    Example: One time a girl expected me to pour her a drink. I gave her the bottle and said “Sorry I’m not a gentleman.” Indicating that she should pour it herself. She started speaking loudly, almost screaming: “He’s not a man. Did you hear that? He’s a woman?” I just smiled at her calmly and waited for her to calm down. She did throw me a smaller shit test later, but mostly she was like a fluffy kitten afterwards.


    Don’t be afraid to lose one particular girl. There are more women than there are men in the world. So don’t get stuck on one girl, especially if she isn’t interested in you.

    Most of the time it all goes wrong when you start obsessing over one girl and this obsession will make her lose interest for you. In the meantime you will fail to notice girls who are interested and probably much cooler and better for you than this particular girl. So when you notice the girl you like starts losing interest, just say next and move on.


    Be your REAL self, love yourself, be your BEST self

    I wasn’t saying you should pretend or be someone else. The problem is that so often we mask ourselves. We are worried what others think of us and so we’re not only lying to others but also to ourselves.

    When you’re trying to be something you’re not (unless you’re improving yourself in some way), then you are wasting a lot of effort on the wrong things. That’s where thinking that money, popularity or good looks get you women comes from. Those things help, but ultimately not with the women you really want – even if you have these things, you can always lose them.

    You don’t need to buy a womans attention with drinks or gifts. She’s not a “one armed pirate” where you put a coin in and see if you “get lucky”. Luck has nothing to do with it.

    Be your REAL self, love yourself honestly and improve yourself so you could love yourself even more.