GangsterMonkeys Extreme Zombie Forum. [OPEN 24/7]

Evening All.
Right I know there already is a "Mega Zombie Forum" but this my extreme zombie forum.
I am really addicted to all things zombie's, which most of you probably know by now so! I decided to make my own post about every thing zombie related!
So lets get the show on the road, If by some chance a Zombie Apocalypse did happen!

Q1) What Weapon Would You Use?
Q2) Where Would You Go?
Q3) Would You Stay In A Group Or Go Lone Wolf?
Q4) Stay In One Place Or Move Around?
Q5) If You Could Choose What Type Of Zombie Would You Prefer?
Q6) Where Would You Get Food/Drink Supplies From?

So! comment below with your answers to them question's below.
Also if you want check out my other zombie related post's
(Links Below) But do come back to here to discuss.




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    1. Lightsaber i found under my mom's bed as a melee weapon and an AK-47 with a 'lanza papas'(grenade launcher)
    2. Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico. Beautiful women and beaches
    3. Group fo sho. But a group of hot women and The Antraxxx. The women and i will make beautiful babies
    4. Move around. I'd travel all over Mexico
    5. Doesn't matter. If you can survive a shootout in Mexico zombies shouldn't be too much of a problem
    6. I'd go into the Oxxo's and get all the Takis and Gatorades, only the red Gatorades though. I'd become allied with the Sinaloa Cartel and they'd provide me with high caliber weapons and vehicles

    chapoguzman - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    mazatlan sinaloa

    oxxoweb 2 600x399 - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    takis57528 00318 - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    sinaloa - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    narcos mx - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    raulillo - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    antrax57 - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    I'd say that's a good plan

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    1. Assuming ammo isn't a problem I would use the HK416
    HK416 Red Dot

    2.I would head North into Canada, zombies don't do so well in the cold.
    clip2 - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    3. Going alone would conserve supplies, but it sacrifices security, so I would travel in a small (3-5) group of trusted individuals.
    mv5bmtgyntk1ntyxnl5bml5banbnxkftztywndkznjc3 v1 sx485 sy316 - gangstermonkeys extreme zombie forum. [open 24/7]

    4. Only stay in one place until your resources are almost exhausted, or your position is in danger of being overrun. Keep on the move always looking for supplies.
    zombie bus

    5. I'm not sure what is meant by "type" of zombie, but I'm going with the zombies out of World War Z, being the most realistic example I can think of right now
    worldwarz book cover big

    6. Malls and grocery stores would have been long raided, would be useless for food/drink, and probably would be overrun with fools looking for a well-lit place to die. I would try to head for the rural areas - farm areas, looking for wild livestock or untended crops
    zombie outbreak

    That is very similar plan to my own, and I can't really see a fault in the plan, nice one, I would say though stay away from churches, Mall/Shopping Center's Etc,
    - GangsterMonkey July 26, 2011, 9:13 am
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    I would get a sniper or hunting riffle for myself and my family would have shotguns and assult riffles that we have at our houses. Find tons of food at mini mart or something. Get to tallest building in town board it up. make giant HELP sign on top and kill everything in sight until rescue. If there is no rescue we drive to gulf of mexico steel a ship and drive to a deserted island and start a community. and we would fight the zombies that cant get through doors

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