GangsterMonkeys Extreme Zombie Forum. [OPEN 24/7]

Evening All.
Right I know there already is a “Mega Zombie Forum” but this my extreme zombie forum.
I am really addicted to all things zombie’s, which most of you probably know by now so! I decided to make my own post about every thing zombie related!
So lets get the show on the road, If by some chance a Zombie Apocalypse did happen!

Q1) What Weapon Would You Use?
Q2) Where Would You Go?
Q3) Would You Stay In A Group Or Go Lone Wolf?
Q4) Stay In One Place Or Move Around?
Q5) If You Could Choose What Type Of Zombie Would You Prefer?
Q6) Where Would You Get Food/Drink Supplies From?

So! comment below with your answers to them question’s below.
Also if you want check out my other zombie related post’s
(Links Below) But do come back to here to discuss.




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