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  • Pharmon
  • April 18, 2011, 10:30 pm
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  • 2

    I fucking hate assholes (People who kill me)

  • 1

    +3 do like!

  • 1

    haha i always do the easter egg one xD

  • 1

    i will admit i have done every one of these or they relate to me :P especially the sandbox mission based game...grand theft auto killing spree FTW!

  • 1

    That was really funny! :)

  • 1

    This is VERY accurate lol

  • 1

    It's all true, how do they know..

    • ember
    • April 19, 2011, 3:13 pm
  • 1

    #5 it used to happen...
    #10 i did that once in BFBC2 but with the helicopter and a mountain hahaha
    #12 so true

    LOL so fucking right! +3

  • 1

    very true +3

  • 1

    You Know Your addicted to Video Games when:The technology in your room rivals a nuclear silo
    When: You yell at your character when they dont do what you clearly told them to do to avoid the spike trap
    When:You can play games while asleep
    When:You go to a bar to play the beat up old pacman machine
    When: Someone beats your high score and you cant stop playing till you get it back
    When:You beat someone senseless for deleting your pokemon file
    When:You can play the Mario song on more than two instruments(bonus for something carzy like lightening or pipes)
    When:Your Sims have better hygiene than you do
    When: It takes a green Beret to tear you away from WOW
    When:You can play guitar Hero blindfolded
    When:You wash your hands before using your controller
    When:You can play guitar hero and DDR at the same time
    When:A Korean tells you you have played long enough
    When:You start avoiding people in real life id they are the opposite faction in WOW
    Theres a few at least

  • 1

    there have been many times ive passed out. controller in hand. wake up randomly and my gf says ive been walking into a wall for an hour. :(

    • c8r15
    • April 20, 2011, 10:43 am
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