Future VS Present

Don't look too far forward into the future. The future holds only ideas and dreams. Dreams and ideas are not bad, but the future is missing a very important part of human lives; people. The present is where people are. Are you willing to forsake those around you and care about you for an idea or dream? What will happen when that future becomes the present? Who will be with you in that present. Was it worth it?

These are thoughts I have had when I see so many students around me. I am not saying that you should never consider the future. It's important to consider the results of your present actions. I am saying that you should not have your mind focused on and living in the future. I see so many students around me pushing aside the ones they love because they are so consumed and obsessed by their dreams and ideas of the future. I fear that they will be alone or be with people who want to be with them because they want something out of the relationship.

I am guilty of this at times. I get obsessed with thoughts of things I want to do and buy. I have to refocus myself one what is important, people. If find that when I think of the future, it is only about me and no one else fits in the picture.

I don't ask for a response or a discussion on this. This is only a thought I had that I want you, my friends, to think about how it relates to you.

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  • December 6, 2011, 6:58 pm
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