Funny story time with Decrotie2004

A few months ago my fiancé and I moved into a new apartment.

Naturally we had visitors/friends/family who wanted to see the place. One of our friends happened to bring a cake layered with ice cream. and called it an ice cream cake. Because that is what I need the first week I move into an apartment. cake. not normal food... cake.

We ate some of the cake and put it in the freezer. the next day my fiancé is getting ice for a drink. She pauses, looks at the cake and says " How do they make ice-cream cake"?

The look on my face was something akin to "are you fucking seriously asking me this question"?

So she says. " ok let me rephrase that" she takes a breath and says "HOW do they make ice-cream cake"?

This is when I burst into laughter.

I point out she didn't rephrase anything, and until this day if I tell her something and she doesn't quite catch what I mean... I say " let me rephrase that" and just repeat whatever I had just said but emphasize the first word.

Needless to say... she hates this inside joke.

untitled - funny story time with decrotie2004

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