Funny film titles

1)If These Balls Could Talk
2)Forest Hump
3)Everybody Does Raymond
4)Die Hard-On
5)The Object Of My Erection
6)Romeo In Juliet
7)The Pourne Identity
8)Throbbin Hood
7)Sex Trek: The Next Penetration
8)Black C*** Down
9)Star Whores
10)Saturday Night Beaver
11)Beaver Juice
12)Deep Space 69
13)Dude Wheres My Dildo?
14)Schindler's Fist
15)A Nightmare On Dyke Street
16)Alice In Penis Land
17)Beaverly Hills Cop
18)ET: The Extra Testicle
19)Facial Attraction
20)Face Jam
21)Mary Bobbings
22)Missionary Impossible
23)Mickey Blue Balls
24)Oh She's Eleven
25)Poke-'em All: The Movie
26)Robins Wood
27)Sex With The City
28)Snatch Me If You Can
29)Sperms Of Endearment
30)Teenage Mutant Ninja Dildos
31)The *unt For Red October
32)The Hairy ***ch Project
33)The Empire Likes Crack
34)Pile Driving Miss Daisy
35)Shaving Ryan's Privates
36)Debbie Does Dallas
37)Fantastic Foursome
38)Snow White Does Seven Dwarfs
39)Dickman and Throbin
40)Edward Penis Hands

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