Freinds Reunited

After winning a small amount of money on the lottery i decided to move to new-zealand, where i blew the lot on an organic carrot farm.
Living was good for a couple of years as world wide sales in carrot cake soared and profits went through the roof,
romance blossomed as i married the girl that operated the muck griddle, she gave birth to our twin sons the following year.
that is when disaster struck in the form of the great carrot blight, the bottom fell out of the market and i lost everything.
The mrs. ran off with a pesticide salesman and took the kids, i was left working the land 20 hours a day trying to claw back something, anything.
some said it was the long hours and stress, others sait it was the heartbreak that led to lapse in concentration and the loss of my manhood and testicles in that tragic and violent threshing machine accident who knows?
all i know is, i was left with the agonising decision of either being a eunuch or having a sex change, i chose the latter.
Just last year i moved back to London, where i am now trying to get my life back together under my new alias Britney.
I took a job advertised in "the stage" magazine, and i am now making ends meet lap dancing for japanese business men in a west end karaoke bar, i'd love to hear from anyone that remembers me especially if they have a spare room or cash! cheers si.

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  • August 7, 2009, 5:37 am
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    Nice Yarn frIEnd!!

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    lolz too funny

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    wow creepyily funny as hell! ha

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