Facebook meme battle

Dustin Lewis
(↑ status update)

Darren Bryan: Lol. Hax. You might as well post http://www.lemonparty.org/.

Darren Bryan: Telling someone how to troll would be breaking rule #1, I believe.

Dustin Lewis: No, it would be breaking rule #1.

Darren Bryan: Exactly....

Dustin Lewis: Unless you use inverse contrapositive integers multiplied by Pi.

Darren Bryan: I just divide by zero. You know what answer I get?

Dustin Lewis: You still can't get to the cake.

Darren Bryan: No, but you still get the game; which you just lost.

Dustin Lewis: What game? In my universe there is no game.

Darren Bryan: I portaled the game into your universe.

Dustin Lewis: My universe is surrounded by an un-portalable diamond wall.

Darren Bryan: Using my elite haxxor skills, I shall take down your wall.

Darren Bryan: ‎*hacks* Look at that. No more wall.

Dustin Lewis: permab&

Darren Bryan: You dick. That's all right. i still have /b/rothers.

Darren Bryan: ‎*I

Dustin Lewis: Fail.^

Darren Bryan: Plus I have a portal gun. So you can't permaban me.

Dustin Lewis: Permab& the gun.

Darren Bryan: Too late. I portaled out.

Dustin Lewis: Permab& the portal.

Darren Bryan: I'm already out of the portal. I summon Bear Grylls! Stare in amazement as you are struck by the awe of him drinking his own piss.

Dustin Lewis: I summon the bearodactyl. Equipped with sunglasses.

Darren Bryan: Then I summon Leonardo Dicaprio (in meme form). You will now go derper into anguish.

Dustin Lewis: Bearodactyl uses banhammer.

Darren Bryan: ‎*portals bearodactyl into Mordor*

Dustin Lewis: Bearodactyl goes into a fit of rage, killing everyone there and making sweet, sweet love to the eye of Sauron.

Darren Bryan: ‎*portals to Mordor while riding robot unicorn* You shall bow down to the awesomeness that is a robot unicorn. *presses "x" to dash*

Dustin Lewis: ‎*Sits proudly upon an amazing horse.*

Darren Bryan: ‎*sits proudly upon Robot Unicorn (heavy metal edition)*

Dustin Lewis: My horse is unicorn anus flavored.

Darren Bryan: My unicorn can make "heavy metal" lemonade, while all your horse can do is make "sweet" lemonade.

Dustin Lewis: My horse makes horse, lemonade.

Darren Bryan: ‎*dashes through horse*

Dustin Lewis: ‎*Horse splits in two, creating a hydra-horse*

Darren Bryan: Look at your horse. Now, look at me. Look at your horse again then back to me. What's this? Your horse suddenly appeared in my hands. This horse is now diamonds. You are defenceless against my heavy metal robot unicorn.

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