so my best friend was braggin' the other day about how he had a FOURSOME with these 3 hot chicks. :/ it made me feel ilke a loser who can't get any. THEN my other friend was talking bout how he had a THREESOME... i was feeling pretty crappy. meanwhile, one of my other friends who's a freshman!!! was having a simple TWOSOME with a hot, matured sophmore, i felt salty. but in my loneliness, i can at least say im HANDSOME :)

  • Stoy
  • August 22, 2011, 6:26 pm
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    When in doubt, flop it out.

    • Jozzoh
    • August 22, 2011, 6:47 pm
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    this one time i had a fivesome, me and my legos

    You think stepping on one hurts? Wait till you try pulling them out of your asshole.
    - Jozzoh August 23, 2011, 3:15 am
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    threesomeu - fap

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    In your avatar you look kinda green, you jealous of them?

    • TryThat
    • August 23, 2011, 12:46 am
    - Stoy August 23, 2011, 5:23 pm
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    you have Jill

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