Expensive Snowboard

snowboard expensive

The most expensive snowboard it the world could be more than you can make in a lifetime. It’s your twenty-first birthday and you want a new snowboard, a snowboard so special that all your friends are envious. So your dad hands you a present, you unwrap it, and inside is your brand new $10 million snowboard. It is made of pure gold. It has a motor so you don’t need to take the lift back up the mountain.

Doing a little quick math, if that snowboard really is solid gold, then it weighs almost 700 pounds! My thought is that although is may well be beautiful, not to mention, quite valuable as the most expensive in the world. it may not really be the best on the slopes.

I am sure the King of Snow Mountain, China, meant well when he bought his son the most ostentatious of winter gifts, but I doubt it is either as stylish or as desired by snowboarders as the Pogo Maverick Swallowtail Powdergun 230cm Wood top.

Considered the most expensive snowboard in general production, the Pogo Maverick is priced at a mere $3,000. Of course that does not include bindings, boots, or anything else – just the board. Getting it shipped over from Germany won’t be cheap, either.

The Pogo Maverick is designed with surfers in mind. It has a pointed nose that doesn’t compress the snow like a normal board, and a long swallowtail that helps maintain stability. It rides like a surfboard, requiring body shifting only when increased speed is desired. And it looks like a “woodie”. A dark, wood-grain look with vertical slats gives the appearance of an old-school surf-board.

If you want to shop American-made, the most expensive snowboard available from Burton is the T6 – a steal at only $800. Although not made of solid gold, or made to look like a 60’s surfboard, it is equally stunning and far more versatile. Made of Alumafly Core and Triax Response Fiberglass, it is designed to be quiet, extremely fast, and easily controllable. The board can also be customized with your own design, something apparently not available on the $10 million model. So you you decide. The best snow board for functionality or the most expensive in the world.