England - Where hard work is punished

Today i was at work and i was collecting a pay slip and i discovered that i was paying a shit load of tax as well as national insurance, although this may seem the norm in America as well as in other countries it makes me angry.

And im not angry because a percentage of my hard earned money is going to a good cause such as building a hospital or a school, but it is going to some no good low life which leeches from this money because they are simply too lazy to find a job and they spend all the money they get on alcohol and drugs and generally make the public look untidy.

It just seems to me that in the England you can go straight from school to claiming money from MY money that I have earned just because they cannot be bothered to work, and these people dont have to worry about paying bills either, they get a council house which may not be the best place to live but considering they dont have jobs they certainly dont have it bad.
beggars - england - where hard work is punished

Is it me or does anybody on here from England feel the same as me? because it seems like we all just get on with it without taking a step back and looking at this bullshit happen.

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  • Polygon
  • August 29, 2010, 2:42 pm
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    I'm from England, pay tax, have a job and know plenty of people on benefits and they don't live lives of luxury and they don't just spend their money on booze and drugs fuck me i spend more money on booze and drugs than they do mainly because they're living off relatively fuck all, if living off of benefits was easy why do you think the majority of the public don't? And a lot of the time people are physichaly or mentally unable to work or there just aren't any jobs. If you want my oppinion pull your head out your arse and stop believing what the human filth known as the tabloids tell you.

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    yep i agree. they were going to rethink the dole system so that people who ACTUALLY cant work or cant get work will get money, but those who arent trying will not get paid.

    however, i believe nick clegg wouldnt let cameron do this. DO'H!

    and the same for immigrants. they shouldnt be able to get benefits or income support of ANY kind, they shouldnt get a council flat/house or priority to these things. they should have to WORK here for at least 2 years before leeching from taxpayers money.

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    i agree with you completely!!!! im not from england but they do the same thing here in america, especially with a democratic president. i think that there are many ppl who need financial help but this is no way to handle it. especially wen ur taking the money from other ppl it will just drive them into the same hole the first ppl are in!

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    its the same in the states, thats why alot of people here oppose things like public healthcare, etc (theyre easily corrupted). democrats (especially in local government) are notorious for trading votes for free housing, etc. i work for the city government and i see people pull up to the welfare offices to pickup a check, while theyre driving escalades and H2 hummers. i know for a fact that alot of our local governments provide housing to homeless people. and while you think theyre "government" housing, theyre not. the government is actually paying their monthly rent, which many have deals with landlords so theyre paying amounts like $1200/mo in a shitty area, per appartment. providing tens of thousands of people homes this way. after food vouchers, FREE HEALTHCARE (theyve been getting it for a long time!!! if you cannot afford what the hospital did to save your life, they work out a deal, if youre piss poor, they take it as a loss and pass it along to the rest of the people that use the hospital.)i've benefited from this when i had no money and got hit by a car (hit and run) its part of an oath doctors take, to not refuse treatment (among other things). i agree with this, its the right thing to do. but there are people who slip through the cracks and fake their income status and take advantage of hospitals.

    and to hippyboy: the mentally unstable people in this country have "public health facilities" (which are abismal), but where are these people's families? it's their job to take care of them. if they leave them for dead, then its THEM, not the government that left them for dead. its not the government's job to take care of these people, if you feel that SOMEONE should take care of them, then why dont you start a charity? and EVERYONE isnt taking advantage of this system is because most people arent so lazy, disgusting, and selfish that they would want to take advantage of the tax payers like that! but believe me, its not difficult to scam the system like that... just ask any city worker. ive seen the unmarried "wives" (meaning they live together, but only the husband works) of some city workers, standing in line at the welfare office, and when i say "some" i mean almost everyone in line was related to soemone that works for the city here. the person i was there with worked for the city for 36 years... he knew alot of his fellow teamsters personally...

    just thinking about it makes me want to squirt blood out of my eyes!

    and then i see people on TV like Jay-Z, wearing $100,000 shoes, earings worth more than my house, and designer suits, telling people they should be donating money. while i struggle to make rent, and still find the time to donate $20 a week to my churches food box.


    • c8r15
    • August 30, 2010, 9:31 am
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    is it just me or does that guy look way to clean and has some pretty decent clothes on to be "homeless"

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