Drunk Rambles 4

So I find myself intoxicated not completly drunk so I guess it's time for a part 4. I think I'll just type to the best of my abitlity of what comes in my head and then most poeple will look at the lengh of the post and not even read it so who cares.

1. I find that I get more compulsive when I drink but not as concerd with the output of that compulsion.

2. Chips taste much better (example: Garden Salad Sun Chips) yet your more likely to scratch your throat then sober eating them.

3. Nothing in the world seems to bother me as much anymore.

4. My girlfriend and I are the two most compatible people in the world for eachother and it was dumb luck how we met.

5. typing onw hansed while eatiny a sinomin bun is rediculoasly hard.

6. I had 0 intention of drinking tonight but surprise surprise the place thts supposed to give you higher education is the place that you are the most temepted to stary from your goald.

7. I love how I don't care if anyone ever sees this right now.

8. I love how I'll hope that no one sees this tomrw.

9. I love how my girlfriend knew who I was on this site just by the way I comment. It makes my life knowing I have someone out there that knows and cares about me that much.

10. ugh number 10 such a bland number. it sratches as it rolls off the toung. fuckit. how bout this. as a word of advices to all those out there. enjoy life. it is short. it may seem long and miserable now. but when you come to your end of days the memories you make now are all that you will have. how will you look back on your days. as a noncomformist putting own al the "mindless zombies" our there. or will you look back as you had a lot of fun with alot of friends and didn;t care of what others thought about u. enojoy life. there is no reason not to. dont take yourself to seriously becase in 50 years noone will hae known u existed in the first place.

i guess thats it. it turned into a list of things i was yhinking aobuy but fuck it thats close enought. good night sharenator. may your days be exciting and your nights gratifying.

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