Drugs smuggling - you must be creative to succeed

drug smugglers 01

'Snort my shorts!' This German drugs smuggler used his needlework skills to turn his bermuda shorts into a multi-pocketed coke carrier. He was arrested at El Prat de Llobregat airport near Barcelona with a weighty 6.6 kilograms of cocaine.

drug smugglers 02

Suspect package: An image taken from next year's 'Mules in Pants' 2010 calendar.

drug smugglers 03

A 66 year old Chilean man was caught at Barcelona airport wearing this plaster cast on his foot made of cocaine. He believed his smelly foot would disguise the whiff of the drug

drug smugglers 04

Day trippy: A coach carrying a coach-load of pensioners on a day trip to Calais was found to be also carrying a multi-million pound consignment of amphetamines

drug smugglers 05

These dogs got someone life and not just Christmas- a gang of Columbian drug dealers had obviously run out of mules so they surgically implanted liquid heroin into these adorable puppies.

drug smugglers 06

Sniffer dog: Rex the Labrador was also used as a 'mule' when he and his doggy friend had their stomachs stuffed with £126,000 worth of coke.

drug smugglers 07

An x-ray of a labrador dog showing parcels of cocaine inserted between the stomach and skin lining by a vet in Colombia prior to export to Europe

drug smugglers 08

Some of the 33 kilos of cocaine with a street value of £3 million that Customs officers discovered hidden wrapped in newspapers behind cans of tuna fish being carried in a lorry at Portsmouth docks.

drug smugglers 09

Mexican Navy officers thought something fishy was going on when they stopped and searched a freighter carrying a shipment of frozen sharks. They discovered more than a ton of cocaine stuffed inside 30 frozen shark carcasses.

drug smugglers 10

This is apparently the latest method to smuggle drugs- fill a condom with cocaine and then feed it to your pet snake....then smuggle the snake.

drug smugglers 11

This 42 piece dinner service will get you completely smashed because it is made with 20 kilograms of cocaine. A 35-year-old was arrested as he received the package made up of cups, plates and bowls at his home in Barcelona.

drug smugglers 12

This bundle of asparagus is (quite literally) high in vitamin K and class A cocaine.

drug smugglers 13

A Harvard-educated African Prince is currently crying in his cell for attempting to smuggle £163,000 worth of coke stuffed in hollowed out onions into Heathrow airport.

drug smugglers 14

Cocaine concealed in cotton reels from South Africa.

drug smugglers 15

Two Air France employees and two passengers brought US Customs officers an early Christmas present when they were picked up with suitcases full of bundles of cocaine wrapped in Christmas paper.

drug smugglers 16

£5 million worth of cocaine was found stuffed in two spare tyres storred under a lorry carrying animal feed at Poole ferryport.

drug smugglers 17

Here, a customs officer unloads drugs from the yacht Sunset Touch in Newlyn, Cornwall.

drug smugglers 18

Colombian marines examine a captured submarine used for smuggling drugs in Colombia. Colombian marines seized the submarine capable of smuggling up to 12 tons of cocaine through the Pacific to Central America.

drug smugglers 19

Former cricketer Chris Lewis was hit for six when UK customs officers found him in possession of cocaine packed into tins of fruit.

drug smugglers 20

Coke stuffed into a mineral water carton.

drug smugglers 21

5.6 tonnes of cannabis resin worth £12 million was smuggled into the UK packed in amongst furniture and artefacts.

drug smugglers 22

These guys, detained by the police in Cali, Colombia, will presumably be going away to the big henhouse for a long time.

drug smugglers 23

US Customs agents in Miami found more than two tons of marijuana, hidden in a container of yams on a ship from Kingston, Jamaica.

drug smugglers 24

Peru's Anti-Drug Police examine some 4,384 kg of liquid cocaine that was found hidden in 8,000 cans of artichokes (articoke?).


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    I agree, stuffing drugs into dogs is horrible. unless your blowing weed in a dogs face or feeding him beer, dogs have no business in the drug scene.

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    Wow, are you serious? Wegot some stupid smugglers in the world! And stuffing drugs in animals is so horrible!!! ; ~;

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    what happened to the old days where they just hid drugs up there asses... now its up a dogs ass... poor dogs!

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    Accept the one in the movie "Dude where's my car?" Now that's entertainment!

    • Jozzoh
    • December 3, 2009, 1:34 pm
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    hahaha the 2 tons weed WOULD be from jamica

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    Do want

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