Draw Some Lyrics!

Hello And Welcome!
Another OC from myself :D

- Aim of the game -

Recreate anything up to 3 lines of lyrics from any song in pictures on either MS Paint, Paint.net or photoshop. Draw the picture and post it along with the lyrics that you have drawn!

- Rules -

1) It is anything up to 3 sentances from a songs lyrics. No more.
2) No trolling.
3) Try to avoid racist and sexual content.
4) Put EFFORT into your drawing.

Anyone who fails to listen and posts, their post will be deleted.
P.S If you like the post and want more OC from me be sure to +3 it lets me know you care :D
Here Is Mine:

" Is This Real Life Or Is It Just 'FANTA-SEA' "
Fanta Sea

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    I got bored and did another one :3
    " I Want Be The Very Best! "

    pokemon - draw some lyrics!

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    Very quick drawing, I'm sick so I couldn't be bothered AT ALL.
    Zombie Blues picture

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    Here's one that I didn't draw, but is still interesting; from the webcomic Abstruse Goose. It's Hotel California. He posted the panels in their numerical order and asked the people to guess what this is, and then posted this as the solution:

    simple puzzle solution

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    ninja - draw some lyrics!

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    terrile at using paint :(
    i was thinking of these two tho:
    'they say i'm up and coming like i'm fucking in an elevator'-Ed Sheran
    'I'm the shit stain on the underwear of life'-Eminem
    +2 for the post tho, i'd like more of this type of thing, normally quite good/funny :D

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    Yours are all good!!!!!!

    and mine sucks xD I did it in like 5 minutes but oh well

    grenade - draw some lyrics!

    +3 and favorited :D

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    i honestly love your OCs :D +3

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    "I sat there where the sparrows dropped that's where I was waiting, calmly, as the sparrows dropped, just as the day was fading."
    One Hundred Dollars - Where the Sparrows Drop

    untitled - draw some lyrics!

    A bit obscure but a catchy tune.

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