Dragkyre Vs Nightmare! Our minecraft Challenge

Me and Nightmare have been talking, as lately we have both been creating things on Minecraft, and came up with the Idea of having Challenges set every week/fortnight/how ever damn well long we please By fellow Sharenators, The idea is to give us something to create, can be anything from a pile of dirt to a giant pair of Boots (you thought i was going to say something else didn't you... dirty bastards) Rules at the moment is use of the Default Texture pack only, For the moment only INVedit is allowed mod wise(as we want to get challenges done so we can work on more without waisting hours farming for it all) Nothing like MC edit can be used for the time being. We will upload the Videos when we are both done (or when the time limit is up regardless of completion) and you guys will be the Judges of the contest, then the winner declares the next Challenge, feel free to suggest challenges as well as we will probably run out of ideas and pick our favourite suggestion. Anyway, To start off this Challenge, It will be a simple one to get the ball rolling, A statue (dimensions aren't important, will only be a frontal picture) of our all time favourite video game character (Like mario, goomba, link etc) With a 7 day construction timeset (will post sooner if we both finish by then)

quick example
minecraft - dragkyre vs nightmare!   our minecraft challenge

We will work out a prize for the winner per challenge, probably just loser shouts and gets full post value of the next post (IE they post it and name the challenge and get full points)

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  • Dragkyre
  • May 14, 2011, 8:34 pm
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    challenge accepted

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    i suggest also being able to use single player commands as it makes building alot faster and this isn't about the build process just the creativity and quality of the final product

    yeah man. anything goes really
    - Dragkyre May 15, 2011, 5:07 am
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    Let me see the best Kingdom Hearts "heart" you can do =DDD

    Kingdom Hearts logo

    Really any form of "heart" whether it be the moon in #2, the hearts in the people, the keyholes, or the one you find on the cover of the games! If you think your good enough try the one when you fight Riku (Ansem) close to the end of the game...

    KH2 kingdom hearts 2 4406275 800 600

    kingdomheartsultimaniacover - dragkyre vs nightmare!   our minecraft challenge

    AND if you guys think your really professional, choose a character and make him/her!

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    A monument to the elements. Basically water and lava, something that intertwines the two in peace or battle. Freedoms mostly in the design itself, as I recommend sticking to lava, water, glass, obsidian, and cobble (can't make you and besides, one of you might have an idea that doesn't follow that list.) That's my idea.

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    make a super mob grinder (150x150x100)

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