Do you like to draw?

I like to draw. I also like to create art with photoshop. If you like to make art, post a pic!

Here's a hand-drawn picture, an album cover by the band Chiodos.[had some help from my girlfriend with this.]
img000213 - do you like to draw?

Photoshop's fun, even some simple stuff with editing pictures.
picture 7 - do you like to draw?

picture 10 - do you like to draw?

As soon as I make another piece of digital art I'll be sure to post it :D

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    Here are a few of my paintings that i had pictures of on my laptop. They are all acrylic on canvas. Basic but i do my best...

    cigar - do you like to draw?

    100 0094 - do you like to draw?

    clint - do you like to draw?

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    13745 239297834114 557304114 4317515 3776216 n - do you like to draw?

    its not my best , just outlines

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    I drew this right now, just for you xxjonxx66

    untitled - do you like to draw?

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    dsc00520 - do you like to draw?

    dsc00519 - do you like to draw?

    dsc00689 - do you like to draw?

    dsc01020 - do you like to draw?

    • Dannyl
    • February 18, 2010, 11:02 am
    WOW these are all amazing :)
    - Nightmare March 17, 2011, 11:31 pm
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    self portrait - do you like to draw?

    Skillz that pay the Billz!

    really this is the best i can do... =(

    • Tiggy
    • February 19, 2010, 8:52 am
    MMMM, yes. Late Mannerism if I had to guess. Perhaps with Victorian ovetones, combined with the Late Cretaceous.
    - BobTheJanitor March 18, 2011, 8:40 am
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    atombomb - do you like to draw?

    see i wish i could make this one bigger , but photobucket confuses me

    btw my graff name is wrek

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    To junglehooligan and Everjaded, I'm impressed :) you both get a +1 for your work.

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    i can't draw good, but sometimes i like doing that. Selfportrait (MS Paint)
    simaspaint - do you like to draw?

    made it in about 5-10 minutes:)

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    Oh my god! I LOVE IT! You get a +1, lots of gratitude, and a high five over the nets.

    I've found a new desktop background!

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    everjaded's are better

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    Whoo, art! Something I'm good at, despite being colorblind.

    Pen and ink building

    Pen and ink drawing, easy since I'm colorblind.

    coolcolors - do you like to draw?

    Ms paint is kinda useful.

    Square guy

    I got bored. lol.

    Black Red White Wallpaper

    Computer background I made, in ms paint. I couldn't find any online I liked, haha.

    colors jpeg

    Another computer background.

    Waterfall painting

    Acrylic painting of a waterfall, based off a picture I took.

    I have tons more, but I think 6 is enough for now, haha.

    • Kojira
    • March 13, 2010, 6:59 pm
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    here is one i did for my blueberry (my wife)
    blueberrylove - do you like to draw?

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    Love the Eastwood.

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    I'm impressed

    • peace
    • February 19, 2010, 2:09 am
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    Agreed with Peace - self portrait on Paint is impressive! +1 for you.

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    omg i must have it!!!

    • 720Z
    • March 13, 2010, 7:59 pm
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    im going to USF school of creative arts for my degree in studio art and minor in graphic design. these are the only pieces i had on my computer, they are from high-school, but still cool.

    19070 108618719151974 100000115382189 233313 2291479 n - do you like to draw?

    19070 108281782519001 100000115382189 225627 8138459 n - do you like to draw?

    19070 108281775852335 100000115382189 225625 2822354 n - do you like to draw?

    this one is an oil painting, standing about 4 ft. high.
    19070 108282025852310 100000115382189 225639 6938731 n - do you like to draw?

    • Zink
    • March 17, 2011, 10:48 pm
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