Do you have an EDC? (Every Day Carry)

Personally I carry around an Altoids tin (the larger one not a mini)

In mine, which I call an urban survival kit I have:
on the outside, a rubber band.
on the inside;
2Gb usb miniature flash drive
tiny pencil with eraser
0.17 oz bottle Drakkar Noir eau de toilette
hugo boss cologne paper sample
pen ink refill
scrap papers
2 bandaids
single use antibiotic ointment
single use finger toothbrush
2 paperclips
straight pin
4 Naproxen ( pain pills)
2 zantac otc (heartburn pills)
2 Claratin non drowsy (allergy pills)
small tube of ora-gel - I have a bad tooth tat hurts often.
and sometimes money.
I also carry a key chain with a pocket knife nail file toothpick bottle opener, and flat head screwdriver. and it takes less space than a key.
In my wallet I also carry between 1-3 uses of toilet paper folded tight and hidden in a secret pocket of the wallet. for those times you forget to look and see if there is any TP.

(not shown) all pills currently need to replace them

What do you guys carry?

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    Wallet, condoms in it and that's pretty much all I have, mobile phone of course. Oh and keys, keys from home and office.

    • Darius
    • July 19, 2013, 5:24 pm
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    My on person carry: Lighter, bottle opener, knife (fixed blade), sharpener rod, cellphone, wallet, 2 band aids, a safety pin, 2 alcohol pads, 2 sanitary wipes, pen and a notepad, and finger nail clippers.
    My car carry:(excluding normal tire changing gear) Axe, brush cutters, shovel, 50 feet of climbing rope, climbing harness, grigri and an ATC, more advanced medical kit, head lamp, work gloves, and a tool kit.

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    I carry my wallet, phone, and keys. That's pretty much it.

    I think that is what everyone has on them most the time.
    - decrotie2004 July 25, 2013, 8:19 am
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    i don't see the need in carrying all that stuff that you bring everywhere,
    why would you randomly need 2 paperclips, or a toothbrush, or a pencil & rubber?

    Darius's one i understand though,
    with me when ever i go out i have my phone & headphones, oyster card, keys and money
    anything else i'll bring if i need it for the specific thing i'm going out to do

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    phone house keys car keys....

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    You carry a lot!

    Phone, Earphones, Wallet, Keys
    I used to also carry a small USB in my wallet with Ubuntu and a few other useful files/tools etc for recovering computers and such, but I wiped the USB and haven't restored it yet

    To go into a bit more wallet detail, except for the obvious- bank cards, money etc, just a bus pass, ID and National Insurance number (UK version of SSNo.).

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    keys, phone, pen, waterproof notepad, knife, leatherman multi-tool.

    in the truck: tow straps, ratchets, 10ton come-a-long, hatchet, lighter, magnesium firestarter, extensive first aid kit, 2 firearms, extra ammo, combat/survival knife, 2 flashlights(1 multi colored lenses) spare clothes, coat, gloves, extra fuel, air compressor and hose/fittings, power converter for the air compressor, full set of tools to replace anything on my truck minus specialty pullers, and spare fluids.

    who need a bugout bag when you got a whole truck full of survival gear. LOL!
    - decrotie2004 July 25, 2013, 9:25 am
    i should've put "box-o'-stuff", the front 1-1/2' of my truckbed has a giant black box full of nothing but towing and survival stuff. this comes from experience since i lived in the mountains in colorado for a couple years.

    EDIT: i need a new truck, preferably a 3500HD or equivalent that i can stick a cattle guard on the front and a heavy duty winch
    - MIKYTEY July 25, 2013, 12:55 pm
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