Did It Ever Happen to You When – Part 3

When a math test says “EXPLAIN”

When a random ad starts talking

When guys say cramps aren’t that bad

When someone copies a quote you say

When someone on the Internet agrees with you

When someone tells you your favorite band sucks

When someone tries to wake you up

When that one quite kid in class talks

When the elevator is taking too long

When you walk outside after it snowed

When you can’t find something to wear

When you get up to go to the bathroom and someone takes your spot

When you have brain freeze

When you have to use the bathroom but someone’s already using it

When you hear your voice on a recording

When you know the answer and it’s on the tip of your toungue

When you try to talk to girls at a party

When you’re all cranky because of an empty stomach but then finally eat something

When you’re christmas shopping at the mall

When you’re wearing your uniform at work and someone asks: “Do you work here?”

When your favorite song is playing and someone starts talking to you