Did It Ever Happen to You When…

When someone says, “do you want to know a secret?”:

When you first started learning to drive:

When you go to high five someone and they don’t even notice:

When you wake up five minutes before an exam:

When someone asks you if you watch porn:

When you realize you forgot something in the oven:

When your boss comes into your office:

When you’re about to be served your favorite food:

When you have to get out of a packed parking lot:

When you think you’ll do better at video games by leaning side to side:

When the Internet is down and you keep rechecking it:

When someone you want to date tells a bad joke:

When the food you were saving in the fridge disappears and you’re trying to figure out who took it:

When Americans hear a British accent:

When people think they’re funny, but they’re really just annoying:

When someone sits in a spot you were saving for a friend:

When you try to exercise for the first time in forever:

When you know something is dumb, but you decide to do it anyway:

When you make an awesome joke, but no one hears it:

When you like a song by an artist you hate:

When you forget to set your alarm, but wake up on time anyway:

When you’re shopping with friends and a song you like comes on over the loudspeaker:

When you wear socks on a tile floor:

When someone you don’t like touches you:

When people try to take a picture without you:

When you were little and dropped your ice cream cone:

When your friend tells you she just got back together with her crappy boyfriend:

When someone calls you and asks, “Who is this?”

When you can’t find anything to watch on TV:

When you’re flirting and try to make a cute face:

  • xdvx
  • March 2, 2012, 7:47 am
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    #12 That's what I do when someone threatens to kick my ass.

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