Diamond Jubilee of the British Monarch

I may be a staunch republican (not the party, the ideology, damn right wingers), but someone has to give it to her, 60 years as the Queen of England is something worthy of note.
On the 6th February 1952, King George VI died and his daughter Elizabeth ascended to the throne of the Commonwealth. She's now been there for 60 years - the second longest any British Monarch has reigned, second only to Victoria.
This is not just a celebration of the longevity of the current monarch, but also of our great British traditions - and the life of the English Monarchy which has lasted for well over 1000 years, one of the oldest continuing Monarchies in the world.
I may firmly believe in a political republic, but as our British history goes, this is something that we have, to be proud of.
Our monarchs have presided over one of the most notable nations the world has ever seen, and the reign of our monarchy is a look back at the extensive history of our nation. I'm not having a go at other countries, i know they all have something great to be proud of, but this is one of ours - this is the commemoration of a tradition that represents the great extensive history of Britain.
Whatever you might think about the monarchy or traditions, this is one that we Brits can really be proud of.

Hawk on the English flag

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  • Bekenel
  • February 6, 2012, 11:32 am
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    Hear, hear.

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    Good speach there buddy, hear, hear

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