Destiny a new project from Bungie

Well a friend of mine mentioned this game to me that is coming out in January 2014. Apparently all i got from the video is that humanity has expanded out towards the stars and stretched themselves too far. An alien attack happens causing large scale death and destruction. In reaction a mysterious character that is mentioned called "the traveler" saves as many as he can before departing from the last human safe hold. And it starts your character there flying in and seeing a broken down spaceship hovering in atmosphere. Well that is all i have what are your thoughts on this video.

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    Well with all the MMFPS (modern military first person shooters) I got bored of being dropped off and shooting all the brown people who didn’t speak English with a perfect American accent. And now its aliens; while I get the appeal, the on paper Halo and every other FPS is the same go somewhere and shoot people who look different. I hope i like Destiny, I wasn’t a fan of Halo, especially the 4th one and that isn’t 343's fault. I just thought i would have had more fun giving myself a prostate exam with sandpaper while an Activision employee kicked me in the nads repeatedly.

    • DJ9090
    • March 22, 2013, 11:43 am
    Yeah i agree with you. It is either a list of enemies example. Russians, aliens, zombies, robots, and ect. ect. I can see where that can be insultingly boring. I sometimes want the industry to look at what would actually be fun. Example: Minecraft... I love this game because you can build your own house and try to survive against some enemies that are actually original... example Enderman, and the creepers... but i want originality without fucking the consumer over a hot bed of coals. If the developers try they could come out with something amazing.
    - zeonfighter March 22, 2013, 9:55 pm
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    Looks pretty cool, will probably buy it unlike the Copy Paste 6 or whatever number they're on now games.

    yeah i see what you are getting at. The game developers aren't really stepping anything up... I have some hopes for this one... But i am not holding my breath for an industry where slapping another number on something and making it prettier then turning around to sell it for full price. I want to get into the industry and make a promise to not alienate my fan base and i would be active in asking "what would you like in a game?"
    - zeonfighter March 22, 2013, 9:46 pm
    Sadly, the reason why that business model is used is because it generates the most profit. A large amount of people WILL buy the same thing over again, and it doesn't take much effort and there is not much risk involved in creating a sequel. It's largely the consumers fault that we are in this situation. If a company would release a title that tried something new and it failed, that entire series would lose a large amount of its fanbase, which could be devastating to a company. And it makes absolutely no business sense to try something new when you are already creating one of the top selling games every year and have basically no risk/effort involved. As someone who is in the industry a little bit, it's not as simple as you think to do what your fans want, and often times what 1 fan wants, another fan doesn't want.
    - casper667 March 23, 2013, 8:37 am
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