Derps For Herping

3fe68a45 6f1b 4aba 81b1 d8730921bd12

2d6e8b8f b616 4355 8583 ca7bcec16b1b - derps for herping

0dc9fcfa 12a1 4188 9105 895ed547d239 - derps for herping

8f9883ba 523c 4fb4 964f f9140d9f99ee - derps for herping

7cb8e434 25a0 4647 acdf bf313158f4b6 - derps for herping

71de1830 bf99 47b6 a653 3a5b1f764b74 - derps for herping

0034a678 b9ba 4966 a6f3 93abdd113445

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66510ce0 6889 47c8 9a41 ba8d6a193f05 - derps for herping

9040b200 51a5 4815 a1f9 1fd3444f35d1 - derps for herping

887b4e0f 3f30 43d8 a323 2269f4f9493c - derps for herping

87455550 19e3 4bb2 8037 37ff916eb306 - derps for herping

371046bf 54cd 46e3 b5a6 920ac19f6f1e - derps for herping

73791e19 b320 4af4 a834 ae6e83f6c94b1 - derps for herping

c0d8dfef 9d83 49d6 a641 3da82cb9d383 - derps for herping

b4053fd4 5f8e 4ca1 b4c6 7a70b92cf575

a3600ea7 512c 40e4 80da 921b2f66cf80 - derps for herping

f04a4127 c87f 412c a936 f42dafb9e511 - derps for herping

E52F0A76 E4D9 4AC1 A113 6D0B75CDF013

d5bd6c5c 5723 4fe0 9cab d2c350c78482

hurr durr derp face its a duuurrrrck

hurr durr derp face i r buurrd

f034c99f c92c 4feb a6dd 3a157593b97f - derps for herping

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    tn tumblr laqbc3AeZv1qcwwnl

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    XD I love derps!!! +3

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    my reaction to #24

    Screen shot 2011 05 04 at 4 02 43 PM

    my reaction:
    - gemie89 May 4, 2011, 2:17 pm
    I fucking love your profile picture. Skrillex FTW
    - DubFace May 9, 2011, 3:05 am
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    24=best thing ever

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    I was literally laughing out loud for the ENTIRE thing! +3 Dub! Thanks! Now my boyfriend thinks I belong in this post...

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    180px saxtonhalefad - derps for herping

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