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Hey Guys And/Or Gals
Sorry I've not been posting stuff recently been working on a video for weeks and its been eating up all my time and energy, but now it complete i can rest for a while then i should be able to return to sharenator in a blazing glory!
If you are interested here it is:

All likes and shares are HIGHLY appreciated

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    happiness is a flaming tuba... heh...
    good movie
    my def: happiness is being content and enjoying what you've been given in life.

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    My definition of happiness is accepting who you are, despite what others say. It's about seizing the moment. Living not just to stay alive, but to truly live.

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    My definition of happiness is the smell of fresh air in the hills of Tennessee when it first starts to rain, or hearing a song I haven't heard in years and remembering every word to it... I could spend all day telling you my definition of happiness But to make it short and sweet my definition of happiness is life. Sharenation is part of my happiness! And I'm grateful for the big family that we have! On another note, GangsterMonkey I really enjoyed your video! one of my favorite videos lately is MGK- See my tears

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