Dear Sharenator,

So Sharenator,
How was your day today? or week? or month? or just in general, how are you?

Mine was good.
I laid in bed til about 3, and then had a friend over. It's been good :3

Now for a picture to brighten your day
comeatmebro - dear sharenator,

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    Lurked sharenator and /b/ 'til 5 am, then slept til 3pm. Then I played pokemon all day. Now I've gotta start on this 5 page paper that's due tomorrow.... so it was a pretty good day

    • Pharmon
    • December 19, 2010, 3:30 pm
    nicely done :P
    which pokemon? :D
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 4:58 pm
    Diamond, cuz I haven't played it in a while
    - Pharmon December 19, 2010, 9:15 pm
    Yellow is my all time favourite :D
    - Pyutchy8011 December 20, 2010, 3:29 am
    thats whats up i have yellow in my gameboy color i like to kick it old school
    - AllenGoesRAWR December 20, 2010, 12:02 pm
    same :D
    i have the pink gameboy colour :P
    i love it :3
    - Pyutchy8011 December 20, 2010, 2:16 pm
    mine is the see through purple one
    - AllenGoesRAWR December 20, 2010, 6:25 pm
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    Went to sleep at 3am woke up at 8am..
    to play Cod...

    Fuck Yea

    - Pyutchy8011 December 20, 2010, 2:17 pm
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    today....hmmmm I had a friend over, he slept over as well (his name is marvin). I live with my cousin so it was three of us, guardians went to a party the day before & they didn't come back till like 4:20pm so we were playing monster hunter, & watching movies on netflix all night.
    then we woke up this morning guardians still were not home so I got on /b/ & ran into a FBF thread, we had a good time reading all of those & thats actually were my post came from a while ago, then I got on sharenator & did a little detective work with SuDoku & pureawesomeness.

    My friends & I also ordered 2 large pizzas & 22 hot wings from pizza hut, shit was good btw, (disregard my braces, I still ate).

    TL;DR ~ had a good day ^^

    what was the detective work
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 3:15 pm
    u had to be there to understand
    - thekitkatkid December 19, 2010, 3:23 pm
    i dont feel like understanding a joke. just put a link were ya'll were talking about it
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 3:28 pm
    the post was deleted by the poster unfortunately.
    - thekitkatkid December 19, 2010, 3:36 pm
    fun :D
    i hate my braces :(
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 4:59 pm
    it's my 1st week...yeah me too
    - thekitkatkid December 19, 2010, 5:04 pm
    my first week, all i ate was bananas and yogurt :P
    healthy week tho XD
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:12 pm
    hahaha yeah same here, my aunt made me banana milk shakes =P
    - thekitkatkid December 19, 2010, 5:18 pm
    lucky you :P
    i love banana milshakes :3
    they're my favourite
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:27 pm
    well what was it about
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 5:59 pm
    icelandgirly she was lying about not asking her friend to bump all her posts
    - thekitkatkid December 19, 2010, 6:01 pm
    dude i remember when i had braces the first week i just about tried to kill my orthodontist because he said that they weren't that bad but my mom had hydros left from when i got my wisdom teeth pulled so the pain shortly went away.
    - triclebickle December 19, 2010, 6:10 pm
    haha, right after they put mine on the lady told me
    "ohh u can't bite with ur front teeth from now on, also you can't eat chocolate."
    I was like "Well shit, that would have been good to know before hand!"
    - thekitkatkid December 19, 2010, 6:15 pm
    bite with the back of your teeth
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 6:19 pm
    lol they gave me this huge ass list of things i couldn't eat lol
    - triclebickle December 19, 2010, 6:21 pm
    u don't seem to understand that ur front teeth are ment for cutting up ur food & the back teeth are for chewing. thats why it's kind of dumb saying that, it's like telling a fish not to swim.
    - thekitkatkid December 19, 2010, 6:28 pm
    haha same here
    - thekitkatkid December 19, 2010, 6:28 pm
    so you dont want to eat chocolate? if you do use your back teeth cause you can't use the front. trust me it doesn't matter I've done it when i a lose front tooth
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 6:39 pm
    all im saying is that it really doesn't matter
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 11:10 pm
    I knew it! I thought about saying something but it'd seem really harsh if I wasn't right.
    - Jackylegs December 21, 2010, 9:40 pm
    lol, sometimes u just have to do a little research
    - thekitkatkid December 21, 2010, 10:12 pm
    Yeah that guy Drenched had a comment on like all her posts.
    I'm guessing that was the uprater?
    - Jackylegs December 21, 2010, 10:26 pm
    Us 3 make a good detective team ;) should have our own theme music :D
    - SuDoku December 21, 2010, 10:46 pm
    hahaha yeah
    - thekitkatkid December 21, 2010, 11:04 pm
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    Shitty.... yep thats it

    :( why?
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 4:59 pm
    just a boring day overall. in my opinion thats shitty. spent all day playing COD and listening to music
    - DarkicoN13 December 19, 2010, 5:03 pm
    COD's fun tho :D
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:11 pm
    Not all day
    - DarkicoN13 December 19, 2010, 5:14 pm
    my brother happens to disagree
    he spends ALL day in the basement :3
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:17 pm
    Sounds like me >.>
    - DarkicoN13 December 20, 2010, 1:17 am
    ahah :D
    sounds like fun >.>
    - Pyutchy8011 December 20, 2010, 3:35 am
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    i went to an air soft war got shot a lot. my friend got shot in the balls by a sniper rifle from about 30 feet. i made two fails post that never got looked at. so it was bad but fun

    in the balls? by a sniper?
    how does that even work?

    ill look at them :P
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 4:58 pm
    the guy aimed at his balls and shot them with .32 gram bee bee's with 400 fps
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 5:52 pm
    k. oww :o
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:58 pm
    yeah it suked but it got me out of the battle :P. and i never got hit by that sniper rifle thank lord. and no im not a wimp but when 6 people have you pined down you want to get the fuk out of there
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 6:03 pm
    true true
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 6:06 pm
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    Pretty excellent.. Work went by fast and I got to leave early. winrar. Went home, hot shower, talk to girl, troll. Pretty swell.

    Thats good, you sir are a winrar :D
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:11 pm
    I thank you Pyutchty8011
    - iTzDeVOUrr December 19, 2010, 5:13 pm

    sorry i really don't like it when people spell it wrong :P
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:17 pm
    Sorry, no more quick glances for me..
    - iTzDeVOUrr December 19, 2010, 5:20 pm
    ahah nah man its cool :D
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:28 pm
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    Let's see went to sleep at about 5am woke up at 4:30pm. stubbed my toe againist the couch which toke off half of my big toenail. spent the rest of the day playing games and getting my ass kicked by seth on street fighter.

    • Deano10
    • December 19, 2010, 5:05 pm
    stubbed your toe?
    ouchie :( i ripped my entire nail off under a YMCA door :P

    Street Fighter FTW :D
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:09 pm
    Ouch that sounds painful also zangief FTW.
    - Deano10 December 19, 2010, 5:17 pm
    it actually didn't hurt that bad
    but yes Zangief FTW :D LOOOL
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:27 pm
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 5:54 pm
    surprisingly not :P
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:59 pm
    aren't they barded in your skin though i lost one but i never got it riped off
    - castlewarsisawsome December 21, 2010, 6:30 pm
    it hurt a little, but still not as much as stubbing your toe :P
    - Pyutchy8011 December 22, 2010, 2:07 am
    lol i did that to my little toe hurt like a bitch
    - castlewarsisawsome December 23, 2010, 9:35 am
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    My dad told me that I am ruining the family and that I fail in everything in general. So I played assassins creed to forget about that for a bit. After a while I remembered that I need to tell him I want to stay with my mom for christmis. It would be easyer if I didn't picture him killing me every time I talk to him. I thoght about how to tell him intill my couson came over. I babysat her for most of the day from 12:34-9:30. Then I did some homework for an hour and a half. I loged onto sharenator at 10:45 pm and will be on intill I need to get ready for school.

    I had an okay day.

    • ember
    • December 19, 2010, 5:41 pm
    that was my basic day yesteday, except with my stepmum, shes not very nice :(
    its too bad tho that you don't get along with your dad :(

    baby cousin? is she cute?
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 5:46 pm
    why do you have to go to school do you not life in the usa?
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 5:56 pm
    Step-moms suck:( It's my dads choice that we have the relationship we do... Yes my baby cosin is so cute it hurts, she's three:) She keeps trying to steal my hats though, and trys to take my controler when I play video games(she found out that I give her controlers that don't work)
    - ember December 19, 2010, 5:59 pm
    Becuse it's ll:08pm on a sunday so at 6:00am I need to go to school becuse it will be monday. I live in virginia.
    - ember December 19, 2010, 6:04 pm
    well i feel bad for you im out of school
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 6:41 pm
    Why are you out of school?
    - ember December 19, 2010, 7:21 pm
    just the way my school zone is
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 9:07 pm
    Luky:< I have to go to school in three and a half hours.
    - ember December 19, 2010, 9:21 pm
    shouldn't you be sleeping
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 10:57 pm
    I can't sleep I have insomnia.
    - ember December 19, 2010, 11:08 pm
    that is?
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 11:11 pm
    It means I can't sleep and when I do get to sleep I wake up after about ten minutes.
    - ember December 19, 2010, 11:14 pm
    is it like something that you can't get rid of or is i just like being sick
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 11:16 pm
    Types of insomnia
    Insomnia can be classified as transient, acute, or chronic.

    1.Transient insomnia lasts for less than a week. It can be caused by another disorder, by changes in the sleep environment, by the timing of sleep, severe depression, or by stress. Its consequences - sleepiness and impaired psychomotor performance - are similar to those of sleep deprivation.[8]

    2.Acute insomnia is the inability to consistently sleep well for a period of less than a month.[9]

    3.Chronic insomnia lasts for longer than a month. It can be caused by another disorder, or it can be a primary disorder. Its effects can vary according to its causes. They might include muscular fatigue, hallucinations, and/or mental fatigue; but people with chronic insomnia often show increased alertness.[citation needed] Some people that live with this disorder see things as if they are happening in slow motion, wherein moving objects seem to blend together. Can cause double vision.[8]

    I have chronic insomnia.
    - ember December 19, 2010, 11:32 pm
    well the number 3 part just sounds like the persons high
    - castlewarsisawsome December 20, 2010, 12:36 am
    and chronic doesn't sound bad... is it?
    - castlewarsisawsome December 20, 2010, 12:38 am
    It sucks sometimes. But other times it doesn't for example I'm on sharenator at 6:02am and haven't slept for days but still feel like running a maraton.
    - ember December 20, 2010, 12:56 am
    damn i wish i had it... how can i get it it really doesn't say what causes it. and you should so act high in school and say the your teachers face looks like a clock :P see what i did there
    - castlewarsisawsome December 20, 2010, 1:04 am
    never mind i googled it... i think i had a mild cause of it cause i stayed up for 3 days strait and when i went to sleep i woke up in 2 hours
    - castlewarsisawsome December 21, 2010, 6:15 pm
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    got up at 4am walked and fed my dog rocky, at 6 i made coffee and looked my portfolio, at 9 rachel woke up and we went to breakfast with my cousin and her fiance, at 12 i went to the rock climbing gym with my friend jordan, and from 3 to 6 i did nothing but watch tv and play xbox, 7 rachel made dinner (i.e we got pizza) and its 8:10 right now and i am on sharenator.

    nice where do u live?
    its 11:14pm here

    nice rachel ur wife or gf?
    - Pyutchy8011 December 19, 2010, 6:07 pm
    i live in seatle and rachel is my gf
    - triclebickle December 19, 2010, 6:12 pm
    good for you :P
    - Pyutchy8011 December 20, 2010, 3:28 am
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    Today, I went to sleep at 1am, got up at 7am, and now I've got to get ready to go babysitting all day. My life's a beaut :/

    • SuDoku
    • December 19, 2010, 9:10 pm
    i feel bad for you i've been trolling on Omegle for 4 hours
    - castlewarsisawsome December 19, 2010, 11:09 pm
    Yeah and it's not got any better :( in such a foul mood.
    - SuDoku December 20, 2010, 11:06 am
    too bad :(

    feel better :D
    - Pyutchy8011 December 20, 2010, 11:13 am
    Make everything in the world straight forward and simple and I will.
    Sorry, I'm not being mean, I'm just in a really crap mood :(
    - SuDoku December 20, 2010, 11:18 am
    nah, its cool, i know the feeling
    - Pyutchy8011 December 20, 2010, 11:20 am
    whats wrong :(
    - castlewarsisawsome December 21, 2010, 6:09 pm
    Haha a lot of things which I'm not going to share on the internet, sorry :)
    It'll sort itself out don't worry. :)
    - SuDoku December 21, 2010, 9:21 pm
    im guessing bf troubles (you dont have to awnser it if you dont want to)
    - castlewarsisawsome December 21, 2010, 9:24 pm
    Long story short, yes. There's other things aswell, but that's the main. lol
    What are you a mind reader? Get the hell out of my head... ;)
    - SuDoku December 21, 2010, 9:25 pm
    for the mind reader part i dont know how the fuk im good at guessing stuff. and no i will not get out of your head it's nice in here
    - castlewarsisawsome December 21, 2010, 9:30 pm
    I'm going to take that as a compliment and say 'Aww that's nice, thankyou.' :)
    My mind's kind of tired at the minute though, the past two nights I've only had like 5 hours sleep (I require at least 8 to function properly) and now I have to go to work and take kids to go see Santa today HA. Should be interesting. See you laters :D
    - SuDoku December 21, 2010, 9:33 pm
    have fun with the kids i guess. and whats your job
    - castlewarsisawsome December 21, 2010, 9:37 pm
    Well I work like one day a week in a restraunt and then I'm babysitting all this week till xmas eve and couple of days next week babysitting lol
    - SuDoku December 21, 2010, 10:43 pm
    so pretty much baby sitting
    - castlewarsisawsome December 22, 2010, 12:00 am
    Yeahh haha great fun ;) get to watch films and just chill though so at least I'm not running around all day like my other job :P
    - SuDoku December 22, 2010, 1:31 am
    lol i would hate your other job
    - castlewarsisawsome December 23, 2010, 9:29 am
    I don't mind it, when it's not busy anyway. When it's busy it's a bitch :P
    - SuDoku December 23, 2010, 9:55 am
    - castlewarsisawsome December 23, 2010, 10:03 am
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    Alright, pretty much snowed in, college cancelled for holidays so i might have to call my party off (was organizing for couple weeks so bit of a bummer) and was ill today, but its kl because I have Christmas spirit :)

    good for you :D
    - Pyutchy8011 December 20, 2010, 11:12 am
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