Dead Man Tell No Tales

i want you to share you best ghost i one of mine

About a year ago i volentered at the library and i was goin to put some books away in the lower level it was empty except for a little girl and an old man playing with a oujia board, they told me to come play so i did and i sat down and the girl asked it a question, the board moved, after a couple of days i kept going back and they would still be there playing i joined them for about a week until one day the librarian stoped me at the door and said "i think you should go get some rest" i asked her why and she said "for about a week now you have been going downstairs and i hear you talk to you self so i went down there one day and saw you having a conversation with no one and playing with a oujia board" i got scared and left the library and to this day weird shit has been happening to me such as my pillow being ripped out from behind my head and frequent power outages only at my house i truely think i am being haunted...and FYI i am not scysophrenic and neither am I

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