DMCA act?

seriously what is this? i must have missed it at some point but apparently a new copyright law just came out because a lot of sites i want to see on google (mainly to watch shows and stuff) aren't showing up. i just saw some notices saying they were removed from google.

so i'm wondering if anyone has more info on this. that along with any good sites they still know about in case they get removed for some stupid reason.

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    DMCA = Digital Millennium Copyright Act

    This isn't new at all. This was introduced in 1998, and it's prime purpose was to define and collate clear copyright laws for digital content.

    Long story short, it originally made software and digital media copyrightable (such as digital music, images and video), and also protected companies from exploitation of such laws.

    It makes USERS responsible for the content they upload to a website. That's right, the DMCA protects the actual website from Copyright infringement charges where their users are the culprits. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Sharenator... they all are irresponsible for their users actions.
    For example,if MrPirate makes an account on Sharenator and uploads The Avengers to Sharenator for us all to watch, it's MrPirate's fault, not Sharenator's.

    SIDENOTE: DO NOT PROCEED TO UPLOAD ANY FILMS ETC TO SHARENATOR - Though we are technically protected, we do not want to risk server seizure. While this site was created outside the US, the main server and one content server reside within the US.

    However, the websites ARE responsible for content they add themselves. So technically, if Paul uploads The Avengers, Sharenator are responsible.

    This is where we get to Google. They add search results to the database themselves. The DMCA does not really protect them here, so following recent lawsuits, they now have to remove links to sites containing copyrighted material.

    This is where you might be questioning the DMCA - Why did get taken down?
    Well, it turns out Megaupload was taken down ILLEGALLY. The DMCA protects Megaupload from their users uploading copyrighted material. They also gave content producers direct access to delete infringing files. So there was really no problem. Some people think Megaupload specifically was targeted because of a new service they were going to produce (basically offering Music artists a MUCH better deal than the <10% of sales price most artists actually recieve), effectively competing with the ENTIRE Music Industry, all the Record Labels, RIAA and so forth. You can read more about Megaupload and the such at

    Hope this answered your question! :)

    (Edit: The title "DMCA act?" is incorrect. Digital Millennium Copyright Act act.
    It's like when people say "PIN Number". That means "Personal Identification Number Number")

    FACT: I can't spell Millennium correctly. I just learned it has two L's and two N's :)

    +1 for making that post before I could X D. Good information, except I would be careful saying that MegaUpload was completely blameless, and linking to the creator's personal website as the source. MegaUpload may have participated in facilitating the trafficking of copyrighted material as a company, meaning that the indictment would be correct. But that remains to be seen!
    - Logos385 August 9, 2012, 12:43 pm
    Either way - Copyrighted material was always being removed. If you ever tried to download songs etc from Megaupload you would often find it had been removed. I don't think they were. Like I say, see - theres some really interesting info about it there.

    FACT: The FBI seized the hard drives illegally. They used an invalid warrant to come to New Zealand and search his house, and also illegally took the hard disks back to the US (where the extradition permit allowed them to view the hard disks within New Zealand only)
    - SkinnyBill August 9, 2012, 1:11 pm
    THE FUCK!?!?! seriously all i want to do is just sit down and watch DBZ. but now because this thing is being used i can't find anywhere! damn bullshit...
    - 24paperwings August 9, 2012, 6:42 pm
    Agreed with the above, except that you are using as a source and that copyrighted content was always being removed. While some was removed, there was still quite a bit ignored on the website. To be fair, that necessarily has to be part of that business model. But that makes that a questionable business model.
    - Logos385 August 20, 2012, 5:45 pm
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    I haven't heard of it. Is it maybe a new state law? What sites specifically are down?

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    A lot of video sites used Megaupload, which has been taken down by the DMCA a few months ago.

    • Ertrov
    • August 9, 2012, 1:41 am
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    Why not just torrent your shows/movies?

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    If they can do this with this Act there is no reason for Entertainment Companies to push for stronger Acts.

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