The link above is to a PC gamer article about a game by Peter Molyneux named Curiosity, which will feature a £50,000 DLC chisel! The game is scheduled to release in 6 weeks as a series of experiments to test human nature. The game is an MMO and the goal of the game is to break a large black cube in the center of the map. In the cube is a secret known only by the creator.

“It’s so intriguing that the first thing you do is to touch the cube, and as you do, you’ll move towards it,” Molyneux told Edge. “As you do so, words will fade in: “Curiosity” and that will fade away. Second: “What is inside the black cube?” As you get closer, you realise that as you tap, this almost imperceptible crack will appear, a hairline crack so tiny in this huge cube.”

He wants to see if/how/when the cube will be broken open. Players will have the opportunity to purchase, with real money, upgrades on their starting chisel leading up to a £50,000 Diamond Chisel (Notch?). The person who strikes the final blow to the cube will be revealed something “truly amazing, absolutely unique” so the better chisel you have the better chance you will win. Whoever wins will then have the option to choose what they do with that knowledge. Curious yet?

At first the idea seemed stupid but now a friend and I are very curious. We are interested in starting a “Team Sharenator” in the game to see if we can open the cube first. We are looking for donations to pool together and try to get the best chisel we can get. We are striving for a diamond one but we will get whatever Sharenator can afford. We would be happy with a dollar donation. If we don’t get the pick or whatever we can afford in time, we will try and refund the money. There is no guarantee that we will win but if we do, we will share with all of you on Sharenator. We would then put links to another post on Sharenator across the web of what is inside. This will bring more people to Sharenator and allow everyone to see what is inside. It’s only fair to SHARE the knowledge.

Lets do this Team Sharenator!! Anyone interested?

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    Troll face inside?

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    This is definitely interesting,just hesitant about anything Peter Molyneux does seeing his promises have failed in the past.

    haha i had the same fears but it still sounded pretty cool
    - alatar22 June 9, 2012, 1:16 pm
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    This is the dumbest idea ever. The said "mystery will leak online and ergo this game is pointless.

    • Bike
    • June 8, 2012, 4:50 pm
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    I have a better Idea

    How about everyone on sharenator trys by them selves, and if one of us manages to crack the box open, then they make a post and show everyone!

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