Craigslist Strangeness

I Got this baby a month a go, it used to be my brothers guitar, but I am selling it because I dont like to play it to much, the condition is very good and sounds really nice, it comes with a hard-case, if you are interested text me *** *** **** or you can also email me.

my name is Pablo.

This man named Pablo is a dick, I sold him my guitar a week ago for 50$. I needed cash really quick to help pay for a new Martin. I sold it to him because he said he really wanted to play it. It has major fret buzz and the case is tore apart. Guitar is totally worth 100$ but "Pablo" is a dick. Oh ya I use to cum all over that guitar and poop on it, yes thats right my semen and poop is all over that epiphone...all over it. The only good thing I got out of this deal was I made him bring me a smoothie.

You might be interested


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    Didn't you already post this? Ah well, at least its easier to read right?

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