Choices and regrets (plus announcement by lil rocket dude!)

A short speech about choices and regrets that will be included in my new story The Sparrow. (may appear differently in the book.)

Our lives are bound in chains to the choices we make and the people we care for. some of those chains are light and fine, nothing but reminders of events long past. others are like the choices themselves, heavy burdens we must bear and carry with us for the rest of our lives. Most people would say that as time goes on and we move on through life the chains become lighter, easier to look back upon and reflect as we remember back to the choice we created.
But i've found that while the choices weight is something that may never change the chains are a bit different. they aren't heavy and strong growing lighter with time. what purpose would that serve? what would we learn other than time heals?
No, the truth is were forge our own chains. we make sure they are heavy so that we are forced to grow, so that we have no choice but to become stronger than we once were. we make them strong so that we cannot forget them, so that they stay with us until the day we are able to break those bonds ourselves. leaving the choices we made behind, markers along the path to who we've become.
the truth is for every choice you've made you create a chain to go with it, a reminder of the burdens you bear. but those bonds are only as strong as you choose, and as heavy as you need them to be. because time itself isn't enough to break these bonds, it's the strength you've gained while bearing them that will set you free.

please leave comments below! i'd like to know if anyone agrees or disagrees with what is being said! :) oh and Lil rocket dude is finally almost set (yea it's late i know! i was busy and 24 poopywings kept deleting it halfway through!)
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