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    Completely agreed. I also don't believe in politically correct terms. Everyone is just so fucking sensitive these days.

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    I think it is the stupiest thing ever. When I was like 6 it wasnt okay, but in elementary school they taught us what these words actually mean and that they can hurt people, but it is also a good anger relief. If you yell crap it isnt relieving as saying fuck. Really.
    And all the bible freaks that are like "oh you go to hell for that" fuck you the word fuck didn't even existed at that time and we give the meaning to the words. If you teach a kid that fuck means love would he go to hell? Bullshit.
    I think it is stupid that in germany they start adopting that stuff from america. I kinda understand that they cut some games and movies because of their brutality, which actually pisses me off, but little children really shouldn't see that.
    The only thing which I understand in america is the word "fucking" because that is really annoying when every 2. word is fucking, but censorship wont make it better. It is stupid that sexuality is censored, I mean what can possibly happen? A kid getting a boner? SURPRISE. As long as it isnt hardcore porn it should be acceptable. I really dont know who they are protecting, little kids dont understand why nudity is bad and they dont care, kids that start to get into the body of the opposite sex will find that anywhere anyways, and it is better when they see it with their parents where they can talk to them instead of discovering farting, shitting naked lesbians who get raped by a giant squirt.
    I think everything would be better without it, at least that when it is rated R or it is on TV on like 10PM they shouldn't censor it. I bet some authors wouldn't let their characters swear so much because without censorship it is half the fun for them. I guess. I mean if you dont like bad words just dont watch the movie or whatever.

    • Vans
    • June 22, 2012, 7:34 pm
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