Californian employees and employers i HAVE A QUESTION!

So i read the rules of breaks and meal breaks. there must be a paid break time for every 8 hours of work, and a meal break, that must last no less than 30 minutes..

My boss is a total ass hole (isn't everybody's) because he likes to work us 12 hours with just a meal break that maybe lasts 30 minutes, he constantly cusses us out not matter how hard we work (I honestly bust me fucking ass and am sweating all day, with non stop work) he use to actually also harass me saying i had a small dick when we were eating at ihop or dennys infront of everybody and he stopped when i stood up to him. He doesn't just joke like a friend would he literally trys to piss you off.when you do nothing wrong.

My question is can i threaten him with a lawsuit or something? But i need it to stick so that he backs off and changes his bull shit ways. I like my job and the money i make i don't even want to sue him I just want to do my job and either get respect or at the very least left alone thank you SHARERS

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    You should quit and join the military; it's what Ember would do. And it is fun once you get past the whole camp of boots thing.

    Do it!
    Or you could record him being an ass get statements form those you work with. You could either show him a copy of the evidence and tell him to back off or you will take it up to whatever you have at work that's like a chain of command (supervisors?). If that doesn't work actually take it up whatever system your work has and he should have consequences brought upon him without a lawsuit.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

    • ember
    • January 14, 2013, 9:45 pm
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    If you can get someone who heard him comment on the penis thing, or a form of evidence(a recording). You have him dead to rights for sexual harassment.

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