British Parliamentary Debate

British Parliamentary (BP) debating is one of the most recognised debating formats the world over. The way it conventionally works is that you have four teams of two members in each debate; two proposing the motion (the Government bench), and two opposing the motion (the opposition bench). Normally, the teams are given fifteen minutes in which to prepare a seven minute speech on the argument on which they are given. The two benches then take it in turns making speeches, gradually working their way down the bench. A selection of judges, ranging from three to nine in number, then decides a winner after conferring.
In order to adapt this to Sharenator, I propose that it be done in a never ending line; that being, the first person proposes, the second opposes and so on. Please do not uprate as this will mess up the order, and please write the rebutting speech as a separate comment in order for the debate to continue. Arguments should be no longer than 1,000 words. Even if you have strong feelings one side of the motion, or the other, please don't disregard the order. Part of the fun of debating is arguing for a cause you might not necessarily believe in!

The motion is: this house believes children's TV programmes should portray both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

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    Well +3 for your wonderfull effort and enspiring speach!

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