Brazilian Wandering Spider + bite + pain = Erection?

Brazilian Wandering Spider

The Brazilian wandering spider is found in tropical South and Central America. They are highly venomous and extremely aggressive.


They generally grow to 0.7 to 1.9 inches long, while there leg span can grow to 4 to 5 inches. they are Tgenerally dark brown while they mat not always be. They are often confused for another member of there species as they look strikingly similar although it is know where near as venomous as the Brazilian wandering spider.


The Brazilian wandering spider is extremely venomous and aggressive, they are very quick and will attack if they feel threatened. As the name suggests they are known for their wandering, they do not create burrows or webs like many other spiders, they simply wander the forest during night. During the day they are known to hide in logs, termite mounds and under rocks.

An interesting fact is, during the days they also hide in banana plantations, and have commonly been found in banana boats heading to the U.S, this attaining them the name there nickname “the banana spider”. The spider mates during the dry season which is April to June.

When the spider feels threatened it has a very distinct display to scare the predator off. They raise there body and their two front legs rise into the air, this shows a small stripe pattern on there underside that you would not normally be able to see.

Interesting facts

- Their venom is highly potent and they will almost always attack if threatened.

- Studies show that only one third of their bites will be injected with venom.

- In the daytime when they hide, they have been known to hide in common household items like, shoes, and hats.

- As well as intense pain, the bite can cause priapism, which causes uncomfortable, long lasting erections that leads to impotence.

wandering spider

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