Borderlands! :D

Hey guys, sorry I've been offline for a while - I have been playing on the Xbox 360. I keep doing gun runs and I get quite a few gold drops that I will never use. If anyone else plays Borderlands here, give me a comment and we can do some swaps! :D

Peace out

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    Rofl, get Borderlands for the PC. It's ten times better. You may say "But I don't what to buy it again", but you don't.

    Gearbox, 2K, and Gamespy set it up so even cracked versions can use online.

    They know if I like the game, I will go buy it. And I did originally (before my computer was badass) for the 360. Now I haves super computer, and run it on highest settings with no issues. FUN S HELL and it looks beautiful.


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