I believe:
1. Representatives on phones should learn how to speak english.
2. We shouldn't have to press two to hear anything in Spanish.
3. Gas is too expensive.
4. You shouldn't have to pay $100+ bucks for antivirus software.
5. Ignorance has replaced common sense.
6. Teachers should be making the money that athletes are making and vice versa.
7. The military should also be making more money.
8. Life inprisonment is worse than the death penalty.
9. Drama is started just to have something to argue about.
10. Jello can be returned to a liquid form.

What do you believe?

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    I believe:

    1. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly
    2. We need a bigger fence between the USA and Mexico
    3. If your job is suicide bombing, then your employer better provide
    damn good benifits
    4. Kids these days are to cocky and need to be takin down a notch
    5. Candy and music are alike, you always throw away the (w)rappers
    6. sharenator is awesome
    7. Its about time we get another man on the moon
    8. They need to stop showing re-runs of cops
    9. the media focused to much on Micheal Jacksons death
    10. this is a good post, +3
    11. we need to get some real people in government, those who will actually get things done that will better our future

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    I believe:

    1. Life sucks.
    2. Americans need to learn how to fix their own computers so we dont get an Indian computer whiz on the phone that we can't understand. (no offense)
    3. People (including me) need to stop saying things that cause us to say 'no offense'.
    4. Wal-Mart needs to start buying American goods instead of Chinese goods to help our economy.
    5. The universal health plan won't work.
    6. It's kinda weird that Obama smokes but he's trying to pass a universal health plan.
    7. That cartoons are still awesome.
    8. That eight is my favorite number.
    9. That 'lol' has turned into something that you say when you don't know what to say.
    10. Mexicans need to learn some English. You dont see Germans going to Japan and trying to make them learn German.
    11. McDonald's needs to go out of business and stop making people fat.
    12. I believe in a lot of things.
    13. Thirteen is not a bad number.
    14. iPod Touches need a camera. Heck, even the nanos have a camera!
    15. Microsoft needs to make a hand held game console.
    16. That the three worst ways to die are to either burn to death, die from sheer pain or drown.
    17. That if you don't believe in hell then you'd better be right.
    18. That rain sucks because mosquitoes suck.


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    #6 isn't an opinion its fact!

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    Wow, I totally agree on those with you. My beliefs probaly worse. I'll post them later.

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    No offense, but i agree with ur #3 :P

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    1.) All life has intrinsic value
    2.) Taking a life is the worst of all possible crimes
    3.) Science is the key to advancement, life, and truth
    4.) Making love and being in love shouldn't be distanced
    5.) Willful ignorance is despicable.
    6.) Open discussion is always healthy
    7.) We are the masters of our own fate.
    8.) Universal health care. Something needs to be fixed.
    And finally...
    9.) Nothing better than Burn Notice.

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    1. Christianity can suck it.
    2. Life isn't fair but just play along and something will make you happy someday.
    3. Those anti-immigration guys need to shut the fuck up becuase in a way, we are all immigrants from another country.
    4. The war in Iraq it bullshit.
    5. Weed should be legalized.
    6. America is still a baby country and needs to take things slow.
    7. If the K.K.K is going to parade around then take off the hoods.
    8. We all need to give peace a chance.
    9. Both evolutionists and creationists need to look at evidence from both sides before criticizing.
    10. All you need is love.

    • mienftw
    • October 26, 2009, 8:24 pm
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    In response to ur #8, When the power of love overcomes the love of power, that is when the world will know peace

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    I have german ancestory

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    Exactly why I put all you need is love. Both 8 and 10 are quotes from Beatles songs.

    • mienftw
    • October 26, 2009, 8:47 pm
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    1)If you are allowed to go and die for you country at age 18, you should be able to drink alcohol
    2)Capital Punishment should be used more often
    3)The Wii is a legitament gamning system and has brought many hours of enjoyment to me
    4)That oil is overrated, but so are most of the alternatives (due to efficiency)
    5)Ford>Dodge>Chevy>Foreign Wanna-Be's
    6)If being smarter than you is the reason that you call me a geek or a nerd, then so be it; but i will be laughing in twenty years when you come to me begging for a job because you dropped out of high school
    7)Rednecks are funny, but they are not the only stereotype that has their hilarities (thank you Carlos Mencia)
    8)Celtic FC is the bomb
    9)David Beckham is NOT worth the money he is being paid
    10)the Carolina Panthers need a new Quarter Back, Delohomme is not cuttting it any more

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    so do i

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    UR #1 is the hard spoken truth

    in response to ur #3, I think nintendo teamed up with TV manufaturers because think of how many TV's have been broken because of the Wii

    oh and also I is the best

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    I still love a good Porsche.

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    a ferrari aint to bad neither

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