Bears Don't Wear Wetsuits

Dan Morgan listed his used wetsuit on eBay, he was desperate, broke and expected to get £30 for it. As a result of the description and the funny Q&A's 665,633 people from around the world looked at it. Because of this attention Dan decided to give a massive chunk of the cash to charity to help victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

bear - bears don't wear wetsuits

As a result of this attention, surf related companies from all over the world donated products to the listing, it went from a single used wetsuit to a package worth thousands of pounds containing everything from surfboards to festival tickets.

The berk who won the eBay auction failed to cough up, so Dan has now decided the raffle the massive job lot and still donate to charity.

You can read the full story here and of course purchase your raffle tickets.

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