Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta Video!

Starting off, if you haven’t heard of Battlfield you know little to nothing of a good FPS game. They have set the industry standard time and time again… by the look of things, that pattern is not changing. Battlefield 3 is the next installment after finally moving away from the (Annoyingly at times…) “Funny” atmosphere of the Bad Company games. If you haven’t played Bad Company 2 yet, you really should.

But on to the good stuff from E3.

Feel free to discuss below, but please… PLEASE… don’t say anything stupid like “Lol this makes COD look gay” or “Lol Cod is Best this is faggot stuf”… or “Halo iz teh bezt! Oh wait what? You actually remember Halo? That old game series that Bungie held office orgies over? The one that made Faceless smash an xbox?” Yep, that one.