Badass tattoos on LEGO-men

Is tattooing Legomen a difficult task? Well, it seems Pilot will give you a negative answer. Recently, Pilot have release a campaign of ads to promote its product. The ads were done by GREY, Barcelona advertising agency, featuring Legomen with high definition tattoos on their chest, back, arms even the whole body. Though the flash from the camera leaves the images a little bit defects, the idea and the illustration are really great. Enjoy the whole series as follows.

Legoman Tattoo 2 700

Legoman Tattoo 3 700

Legoman Tattoo 4 700

Legoman Tattoo 5 700

Legoman Tattoo 6 700

Legoman Tattoo 1 700

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  • 2

    man! they look so cool I wanna be a legoman
    lmao @ tramp stamp

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    XD awesome

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    LMAO at the Lego tramp stamp

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    If only legos were this awesome when i still played with them

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    Are these for real? Really???

    • TexBex
    • December 15, 2010, 5:42 am
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