BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine.

BMW (Bavarian Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works)

BMW believe it or not actually built airplanes at first! Which, explains their emblem. It's suppose to look like propellers
bmw emblem6

cool, eh?

But, when the started to produce cars they made the 3/15 PS. BMW's first series-produced automobile. :)
BMW3 15PS medium 1615 1

Now if we skip the the 30's we have the classic 328 roadster.
bmw 328 roadster 14

In the 40's you had the cool looking BMW R12
1940 bmw r12 - bmw the ultimate driving machine.

Now between the 60s all the way up until quite resently BMWs were in my opinion not that attractive, yet still good quality.
ALTHOUGH they did come out with the 1978 m1 (amazing)
1979 bmw m1 no sale at 140000 ac 640

Currently BMW has some of the best cars on the market, attractive, amazing quality, amazing handling, they are... The Ultamite Drving Machine.
Take a look at some of the cars they have today:
Z4 M coupe
bmw20z420m20coupe204 lg - bmw the ultimate driving machine.

the M3
bmw m3 1280x960 - bmw the ultimate driving machine.

and the glorious M5
61594 1555069607341 1553242835 1356194 5574097 n - bmw the ultimate driving machine.

I'm in that last picture :)

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    Nice dude! Much appreciation for this BMW tribute.
    ......And I'm also in the last picture. Hehe :)

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    I never realized there's a rotating propeller in BMW logo. Awesome post. Welcome to Sharenator :)

    • Paul
    • September 22, 2010, 5:45 pm
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    I saw a BMW special on the Discovery Channel that said the logo is supposed to be the colors of the Bavarian flag, not a propeller. Just what I saw.

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