Awkard Moments

What is the most awkward thing that you can come up with? Make up an awkward story. Or use a real awkward story that happened to you! haha this should be good!
Here's mine:
Aight, so I was thinking: It would be pretty awkward If a rapist picked up a hitchhiker. But, The hitchhiker was a serial killer! The serial killer says, "turn down that dark alley" then the rapist is like, "Oh, thats where I was going too"
They drive to the back of the alley. They both get out of the car..
*zip!* The rapist starts to get ready.
*Pull's out machete* serial killer gets ready.
As they both meet in the back of the car they realize what the other was trying to do.......... Awkward........
(I'll +1 any awkward moments posted!)

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    i think yours is good but mine wins ;)
    when 46b631 1090782 - awkard moments

    that was hilarious :D
    - MissRandom April 23, 2012, 1:44 pm
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    you sneak out of the house to go a porn shop, and when you get there, your parents are already there shopping. ;)

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    you get some condoms for later in the evening, for yourself and your girlfriend, for use after her parents have gone out, and the chemist wishes you luck. you get to her house, and the girl's father who opens the door looks awfully like the guy at the chemist's

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    When I was 17 I was at thanksgiving dinner with family, and my cousin had looked through my phone and found texts from Rachel so she asks me about it at the dinner table just in ear shot of our grandmother who unknown to all of us though I was gay so when she heard I had a girlfriend she clapped as if it were some sort of miracle. Anther moment was while I still lived in Seattle. I woke up late and Rachel wasn't around so I figure what the hell I haven't had a naked day in a while so I was sitting on the couch playing xbox in the buff when Rachel and her friends Stacy and Alex walk in. I yelled shit and grabbed the case to the game I was playing to cove up with and proceeded to run like my ass was on fire to the bedroom to get dressed. When I came back they were still standing there wide eyed and I couldn't help but smile like an idiot.

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    awkward hmmm

    having chocolate on the back of your white pants and people think its a blood stain! XO
    oh yes i made a period reference!

    - 24paperwings April 23, 2012, 4:27 pm
    i'm awkward and i know it..
    NANANA (the song,,)
    lol it happened to one of my friends once
    - MissRandom April 24, 2012, 7:03 am
    "friends" yeah right
    - Vans April 24, 2012, 11:47 am
    i have no problem saying if it was me :S
    but it wasn't :S
    - MissRandom April 24, 2012, 12:16 pm
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    An ex whom you both used to tell you loved each other wanting to still be friends after you broke up and then bringing you home again to hang out with her family, meet her boyfriend and catch up. Then telling you that you'll be the best man at her wedding. Yes I'm of the male gender and she is of the female gender........I was confused too.

    It's more awkward than it sounds.

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    I once got hit on by a 21 year old guy I never met before and only talked on the phone with. (I'm only 16 and I'm male)

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