Awesome offer (PWI players)

Anyone hereplay PWI?
pwi banner

Well,i started it, and i kinda like it. But the shit in it is to expensive for a low lvl. So i thought, and i realized that i have a lockerz account with over 1900 ptz on it.

lockerz main Full

My parents wont let me redeem it cause theyre lame. So i will give someone here the account if they can give me gold/coins in pwi. Or mounts, whatever. BTW, 1900 ptz can get you a laptop, which is why im still mad i cant redeem it...


lockerz - awesome offer (pwi players)

lockerz 2 - awesome offer (pwi players)

PRT SCRN of my account. I have z-list, and over 1900 ptz. Also, a redemption is in a day or 2, so hurry up or youll miss it. Thx (this isnt a scam , i dont scam.)

You might be interested


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